Mespack, a leading international manufacturer of horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines for flexible packaging, end-of-line equipment, and water-soluble pods, and Fuji Seal, an international provider of pre-made pouches for many products category such as drink, food, HPC, pharma and homecare, have signed a collaboration agreement to introduce a groundbreaking solution to the pre-made spouted pouch packaging market, leveraging the combined expertise and resources of both companies.

At the core of this partnership lies the integration of Fuji Seal’s pre-made pouches with Mespack’s HF Series machines under One Sales Contract that comprises the commercialization of pouches, equipment, and its maintenance to maintain high production standards. This seamless integration aims to facilitate the adoption of superior technology and new capacity to packaging firms by reducing the complexity of synchronization and aligning all parties, resulting in the achievement of enhanced productivity and reliability across operations.

Mespack’s HF Series machines are renowned for their versatility in filling through the spout, minimizing headspace and accommodating diverse pouch sizes and formats to meet varying product and packaging requirements. Equipped with cutting-edge filling technology, the HF Series guarantees consistent quality fills for preserving product integrity. Furthermore, the HF Series integrates the Mespack Athena digital platform, featuring an intuitive control panel and advanced software for user-friendly operation, monitoring, data analysis and maintenance.

As part of this partnership, Mespack will develop a module to integrate Fuji Seal’s introduction system with Mespack HF Series. Recognized for its precision and efficiency, the innovative system will optimize the pouch loading process, leading to significant reduction in labor costs and an increasing productivity by 90% in pouch introduction, thus setting a new industry standard.

Fuji Seal’s contribution to this partnership lies in its extensive experience and proprietary technology. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality ensures that the pre-made pouches used with Mespack’s HF or RM Series, meet the highest standards, offering customers a superior packaging solution. Designed for durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, Fuji Seal’s pre-made pouches cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

Through this collaboration, Mespack and Fuji Seal will provide a comprehensive, unique solution comprising high-quality pre-made pouches and advanced pre-made filling machines, resulting in significant time and labor savings for customers.

Both Mespack and Fuji Seal are committed to sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of packaging, by innovating in mono-materials technology and recyclable pouches. By integrating their technologies, they aim to reduce waste, optimize resource utilization, and promote eco-friendly packaging solutions, aligning with global sustainability objectives.

This strategic partnership for European and American markets underscores Mespack and Fuji Seal’s shared commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging their collective expertise and advanced technologies, they endeavor to deliver the most efficient and effective packaging solutions available in the pre-made pouches market.

In words of Guillem Clofent, managing director at Mespack: ‘For Mespack, collaboration with strategic partners is essential to providing the best solutions in the industry. This alliance with Fuji Seal marks the beginning of a journey we will undertake together to advance the pre-made pouch market. Together, with the One Sales Contract, we aim to facilitate the adoption of new technology and capacity for our customers, at the same time that we continue to introduce unique and innovative solutions with high-precision filling in pre-made pouches, enhanced productivity, and significant savings in time and production costs.’

For his part, Masahisa Fukuda, FSI executive officer for pouch business at Fuji Seal, commented: ‘We are thrilled to join forces with Mespack in this strategic collaboration. Our shared dedication to innovation and quality allows us to offer customers a comprehensive solution that combines the best of both companies. With our high-quality pre-made pouches and Mespack’s advanced technology in packaging machinery, we are opening up new possibilities in the spouted pre-made pouch market.’



Herndon, Va.; June 20, 2024 — The PMMI Foundation, the charitable arm of PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, awarded nearly $200,000 in educational scholarships to students pursuing careers in the packaging and processing industry.

"The PMMI Foundation's commitment to supporting education is a cornerstone of our mission. We are pleased to empower these talented students who represent the future of our industry," says Kate Fiorianti, PMMI director of workforce development. "Our scholarships not only reward academic excellence but also encourage the innovative spirit and dedication necessary for the packaging and processing sector to thrive."

Each year, the PMMI Foundation provides academic scholarships to students studying packaging, food processing, engineering, and mechatronics. These scholarships underscore PMMI’s commitment to the future of the packaging and processing industry.

This year's scholarship recipients represent a diverse group of talented individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and potential in their respective fields of study. Among the scholarships awarded are:

PMMI Member Family Scholarship: $75,000 awarded. This scholarship supports immediate family members of PMMI member company employees interested in packaging and processing as a career choice. Fifteen outstanding applicants were selected to receive $5,000 scholarships annually. The recipients of the Member Family Scholarships for this year are:

Wyatt Cook, Widener University, Robotics Engineering

Makenzie Dick, Iowa State University, Chemical Engineering

Christian Hall, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Business Management

Ian Hohn, Colorado State University, Computer Engineering

Caroline Keeley, Xavier University, Undeclared

Ruby Levy, Tulane University, Digital Media Studies

Esteban Martinez, Michigan State University, Packaging Engineering

Molly McKee, Drexel University, Product Design

Ryan Monroe, University North Carolina-Charlotte, Electrical Engineering

Jarod Parsons, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chemical Engineering

Jamie Stensgard, Hennepin Technical College, Automation Robotics Engineering Technology

Alexa Stierwalt, Marian University, Graphic Design and Marketing

Lucas Stierwalt, Marian University/Purdue University Indianapolis, Graphic Design and Mechanical Engineering

Natasha Vibhakar, University of South Florida, Supply Chain Management

Robert Wall, Purdue University, Mechanical Engineering.

PMMI Memorial Scholarship in honor of Claude S. Breeden, Glenn Davis, and Art Schaefer: $20,000 awarded. Established to honor these industry leaders, this scholarship provides financial assistance to North American technical college students. Each recipient received a $4,000 scholarship. Recipients of PMMI Memorial Scholarships are:

Daniel Chow, Columbus State Community College, Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Declan Couch, Manhattan College, Electrical/Computer Engineering

Moses Gbetuwa, Hennepin Technical College, Mechatronics

Pheng Lee, Hennepin Technical College, Automation Robotics Engineering Technology

Joseph Phillips, Hennepin Technical College, Mechatronics

PACK EXPO Scholarship: $30,000 awarded. This scholarship is the beneficiary of PMMI’s PACK gives BACK events at PACK EXPO International and PACK EXPO Las Vegas. Each year, six $5,000 scholarships are awarded to students attending a North American college or university. This year’s recipients of PACK EXPO Scholarships are:

Morgan Bartholomew, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Polymer & Plastics Engineering

Amy Foo, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Industrial Technology and Packaging

Matthias Fowler, Hennepin Technical College, Mechatronics

Madison Roberts, Michigan State University, Packaging Science

Ethan Sawyer, Tennessee Technological University, Mechanical Engineering

Blake Strickland, Cape Fear Community College, Industrial Engineering Technology.

Electrical Engineering Scholarship: $5,000 awarded. Marcos Delgado from Worcester Polytechnic Institute will receive this scholarship, which is awarded to one student attending a North American four-year college or university with a focus on electrical and computer engineering.

Packaging & Processing Women's Leadership Network (PPWLN) Scholarship: $5,000 awarded. The PPWLN scholarship aims to support women's careers in the packaging and processing industry. This year's recipient is Lia Grammer from Rochester Institute of Technology, who is studying packaging science.

Mechanical Engineer Scholarship: $5,000 awarded. Gavin Coley from East Carolina University, pursuing Mechanical Engineering.

Processing Scholarship: $5,000 awarded: Elen Huang, a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student studying Food Science.

Chuck Yuska Scholarship: $5,000 awarded. Named in honor of PMMI's former president & CEO of 28 years, this scholarship is awarded to a student representing innovation in the packaging industry. This year's recipient is Timothy Oeser from Clemson University, who is studying Packaging Science.

The PMMI Foundation extends its warmest congratulations to all the scholarship recipients and wishes them continued success in their academic and professional endeavors. These scholarships serve as a testament to the association’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders and fostering excellence in the packaging and processing field. For more information about the PMMI Foundation and its scholarship programs, visit



KINGSEY FALLS, QC, June 19, 2024 /CNW/ - Cascades Inc. (TSX: CAS) announces the launch of an innovative and complete packaging solution that is reinventing the egg landscape: Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVision™.

Both attractive and sturdy, this eco-designed packaging offers robust protection while opening impactful visual possibilities. Its sleeve openings and high-quality printing area break the mould of the traditional format. The packaging's innovative, highly resistant design is the result of research and development geared to the needs of processors, retailers and consumers alike. Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVision™ enhances egg visibility and protection, reinforces brand presence on shelves and optimizes packaging operations.

Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVision™ is also a comprehensive solution for egg processors: Cascades provides the equipment, packaging and technical expertise to automate its customers' end-of-line operations. This gives them a complete, customized and proven solution for optimizing their efficiency.

"Our team is committed to supporting customers in finding solutions for all their packaging needs, from farm to factory to store to home. This innovation challenge aimed to develop a solution that was sustainable, attractive, efficient, and comprehensive. We are proud to have achieved this thanks to the hard work and expertise of our multidisciplinary team. We are confident that this solution will enable us to accelerate our growth in the specialized egg industry," said Jérôme Porlier, President and Chief Operating Officer of Cascades Specialty Products Group.

This food packaging consists of a moulded pulp base and a sleeve made from coated recycled board. The product's durability for shelf stocking, transport and use has been rigorously tested. Eggs are better protected, as tests show that Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVision™ triples the packaging's rigidity and doubles its stacking strength.1 Furthermore, the solution is sustainable, featuring eco-designed packaging made from 100% recycled fibres, and is pre-qualified as widely recyclable by How2Recycle®.

Cascades Fresh GUARD EnVision™ is currently available in a 12-egg format. Click here for product details:

1 Compared to a 12-egg carton with a label. Studies conducted by Cascades Research and Development Centre, 2023–2024.



June 14, 2024 – Toronto, ON – Lactalis Canada, the Canadian dairy leader behind iconic brands like Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, Balderson, Astro and Lactantia and a subsidiary of France-based Lactalis Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of John Bignell to the position of Vice President, Logistics.

In a dynamic and increasingly complex supply chain environment, John will lead Lactalis Canada’s comprehensive Transportation and Warehousing strategy. His expertise will play a pivotal role in fortifying the company's logistical framework for finished goods, enhancing operational agility, and maximizing efficiency across all facets of the logistics spectrum.

With significant experience in logistics and distribution, John joined Lactalis Canada in 2019 as National Director of Warehousing and was promoted to National Director of Transportation in 2023. Prior to joining Lactalis Canada, John held various senior management roles with Jean Coutu, Sobeys and Martin-Brower.


Large Vancouver Brewhouse up for auction June 27, 2024

20 BBL 4-Vessel Brewhouse + Hop Back, Fermentation Tanks, Brite Tanks, Malt Mill System, Canning Line, KHS Keg Filler & Cleaner, Etirez Electric Boiler, and an Atlas Copco Air System.

Full restaurant also

Call 604-425-2002 for more info


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