FAMIX-Maschinenbau GmbH is using MasoSine Certa 100, 200, 250, 300 process pumps in its beverage systems around the world for the sinusoidal pump’s ability to handle different viscosities of syrup and drinks ingredients.

Pulheim, Germany-based FAMIX is a leading manufacturer of beverage machines and its customers include globally recognised soft drinks manufacturers. Small and medium-sized beverage production companies and beverage machine manufacturers are also users of FAMIX machines.

Since 2000, FAMIX has integrated MasoSine pumps, from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS), into its TurboDigi Mixer and TurboDigi S Mixer beverage systems, which are used for carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. Metering, mixing and carbonation are carried out in one operation by TurboDigi Mixer and TurboDigi S Mixer. Product changes, cleaning and sterilisation can be carried out quickly with the minimum of wastage.

Various models of MasoSine Certa pumps are used for the blending of syrup or other beverage ingredients with various viscosities. One MasoSine pump is used in the TurboDigi Mixer and three or four MasoSine Certa pumps are used in the TurboDigi S Mixer.

FAMIX uses Certa pumps for its ability to handle viscous fruit juice, for example, without any impact on pump speed. The gentle handling with virtually no pulsation of the Sine pumps is perfect for the metering of syrup with excellent CIP-capabilities.

FAMIX relies on MasoSine Certa process pumps in its beverage systems for these capabilities:

• Simple design with only one rotor

• Nearly no pulsation

• Low influence of viscosity in pump speed

• Gentle product handling

• Good cleaning facilities for hot and Clean-in-Place (CIP) processes, minimising downtime

Low cost of ownership for customers because of longer lifetime and less spare part and maintenance cost

Herbert Falterbaum, Managing Director of FAMIX, said: “The low influence of viscosity in pump speed is one of the reasons we use the Certa pump.

“Metering the syrup is a crucial step in the process as syrup is not only the most expensive raw material in producing mixed drinks, it is also crucial to maintain end-product quality and consistency.

“We chose MasoSine over the competition mainly because of the use of one impeller only. We also chose this pump because soft drink manufacturers want systems that can be adapted to mix formulas of different viscosities and systems that can quickly and efficiently switch between formulas. Especially the high demand for low and sugar free products makes it necessary to pump syrups with viscosity like water as well as high sugar syrups with 100 - 200 cP. Various viscosities can be handled with the one pump.”

As customer demands change, Certa’s versatility helps to ensure FAMIX meets challenges created by new trends in the market.

Herbert Falterbaum, Managing Director of FAMIX, added: “The number of ingredients is increasing and the dosing ranges for the pumps must be wider than ever.”

The small footprint of MasoSine pumps is also important for the space-saving construction of FAMIX’s systems, as is hygiene. Certa offers maximum hygiene for applications like this in the food and beverage sector. All contact parts on the pump are FDA and EC1935/2004 compliant. Providing EHEDG Type EL Class 1 Aseptic certification, Certa can be used in aseptic processes and is bacteria tight without requiring additional steam ports.

Certa also offers significant energy consumption savings compared to other less-efficient pump types.

Florian Walter, Product Manager at MasoSine Certa, said: “In the drinks industry, Sine pumps are used when viscous media needs to be transferred gently, with low pulsation and low shear. Whether it is transferring yeast in breweries, handling frozen fruit juice concentrate or metering syrups, MasoSine Certa pumps have many benefits for the food and beverage sector.”

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