VANCOUVER, B.C., April 16, 2024 -- Great Little Box Company Ltd./ Ideon Packaging (GLBC) announced today that it has achieved G7® Master facility qualification, awarded by Idealliance®, a not-for-profit industry group dedicated to guiding print production best practices, specifications, and standards, worldwide. GLBC joins a select group who have successfully completed their folding carton print production processes' training, examination, and qualification processes, validating their capabilities to the highest level of global industry standards and specifications.

G7 is Idealliance’s industry-leading set of best practices for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. The application of this method enables printers to reproduce a similar visual appearance across all printing types and substrates.

Already an efficient print provider in their Folding Cartons Division, GLBC looked to their Certified G7 Experts; Dave Roberge, Phil Courterelle, and Rob King, and the Idealliance G7 Master Program to achieve further productivity gains to better serve its customers’ objectives for brand color quality and control.

“Quality and repeatability are important to our customers,” says Doree Quayle, Division President- Retail Packaging, GLBC. “Our commitment to the G7 method is just one example of how we’re maximizing our performance to the benefit of our customers. We look forward to the benefits that standardization brings to both our clients and organization.”

“G7 provides a significant advantage for GLBC, utilizing the G7 Master Program to assure measurable, predictable, and a uniform color management process,” commented Jordan Gorski,

Senior Vice President, Idealliance. “We applaud their commitment to process control excellence commitment and support of the G7 Master Qualification Program.”

Idealliance® is dedicated to guiding media production best practices, specifications, and standards, worldwide.

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