Mespack, a leading international manufacturer of horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal machines for flexible packaging, end-of-line equipment, and water-soluble pods, and Fuji Seal, an international provider of pre-made pouches for many products category such as drink, food, HPC, pharma and homecare, have signed a collaboration agreement to introduce a groundbreaking solution to the pre-made spouted pouch packaging market, leveraging the combined expertise and resources of both companies.

At the core of this partnership lies the integration of Fuji Seal’s pre-made pouches with Mespack’s HF Series machines under One Sales Contract that comprises the commercialization of pouches, equipment, and its maintenance to maintain high production standards. This seamless integration aims to facilitate the adoption of superior technology and new capacity to packaging firms by reducing the complexity of synchronization and aligning all parties, resulting in the achievement of enhanced productivity and reliability across operations.

Mespack’s HF Series machines are renowned for their versatility in filling through the spout, minimizing headspace and accommodating diverse pouch sizes and formats to meet varying product and packaging requirements. Equipped with cutting-edge filling technology, the HF Series guarantees consistent quality fills for preserving product integrity. Furthermore, the HF Series integrates the Mespack Athena digital platform, featuring an intuitive control panel and advanced software for user-friendly operation, monitoring, data analysis and maintenance.

As part of this partnership, Mespack will develop a module to integrate Fuji Seal’s introduction system with Mespack HF Series. Recognized for its precision and efficiency, the innovative system will optimize the pouch loading process, leading to significant reduction in labor costs and an increasing productivity by 90% in pouch introduction, thus setting a new industry standard.

Fuji Seal’s contribution to this partnership lies in its extensive experience and proprietary technology. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality ensures that the pre-made pouches used with Mespack’s HF or RM Series, meet the highest standards, offering customers a superior packaging solution. Designed for durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, Fuji Seal’s pre-made pouches cater to the diverse needs of various industries.

Through this collaboration, Mespack and Fuji Seal will provide a comprehensive, unique solution comprising high-quality pre-made pouches and advanced pre-made filling machines, resulting in significant time and labor savings for customers.

Both Mespack and Fuji Seal are committed to sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of packaging, by innovating in mono-materials technology and recyclable pouches. By integrating their technologies, they aim to reduce waste, optimize resource utilization, and promote eco-friendly packaging solutions, aligning with global sustainability objectives.

This strategic partnership for European and American markets underscores Mespack and Fuji Seal’s shared commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging their collective expertise and advanced technologies, they endeavor to deliver the most efficient and effective packaging solutions available in the pre-made pouches market.

In words of Guillem Clofent, managing director at Mespack: ‘For Mespack, collaboration with strategic partners is essential to providing the best solutions in the industry. This alliance with Fuji Seal marks the beginning of a journey we will undertake together to advance the pre-made pouch market. Together, with the One Sales Contract, we aim to facilitate the adoption of new technology and capacity for our customers, at the same time that we continue to introduce unique and innovative solutions with high-precision filling in pre-made pouches, enhanced productivity, and significant savings in time and production costs.’

For his part, Masahisa Fukuda, FSI executive officer for pouch business at Fuji Seal, commented: ‘We are thrilled to join forces with Mespack in this strategic collaboration. Our shared dedication to innovation and quality allows us to offer customers a comprehensive solution that combines the best of both companies. With our high-quality pre-made pouches and Mespack’s advanced technology in packaging machinery, we are opening up new possibilities in the spouted pre-made pouch market.’