Please see the attached news release and accompanying image from Mettler Toledo about its 2 new guides: 1 for food manufacturing productivity, 1 for regulatory compliance. The guides address manufacturers' concerns about both efficiency and regulations in their food weighing and processing solutions.

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Free Guides Help To Increase Food-Manufacturing Productivity and Compliance

Food-production processes must comply with regulations to avoid recalls and reputational damage, but they must also be efficient to protect profits. METTLER TOLEDO has developed 2 new food guides to help ensure manufacturers' weighing and processing solutions do both.

Over the years, regulatory requirements have evolved to reflect consumers’ desires for safe food. While manufacturers work to keep up with these changes, they must also continually optimize their equipment and processes to remain profitable.

METTLER TOLEDO’s new food guides will help manufacturers improve their understanding of food-safety standards and introduce them to processing equipment and solutions that can help operations become more efficient:

The Food Productivity Guide focuses on tangible process improvements and increased manufacturing efficiency. It contains 16 areas where concepts, such as high-speed checkweighing, foreign-body detection or advanced batch control, can help ensure quality while simultaneously reducing processing time.

The Food Compliance Guide offers guidance for quality managers so they can fulfill food-safety and quality standards without harming production capacity. This guide shows how weighing and foreign-body solutions help to stay or become compliant to global food safety standards, such as BRC, IFS or SQF.

Get started meeting your compliance and productivity goals with up-to-date weighing, processing and data-management techniques:

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