Regina, Saskatchewan, February 13, 2019 – Online and in person, thousands of Canadians celebrated the food they love and those who produce it to mark Canada’s Agriculture Day for the third consecutive year.

“Strengthening the relationship between consumers and the people who grow and raise our food is something we focus on year-round and on Canada’s Agriculture Day it is gratifying to see the impact of nurturing that understanding,” said Debbie Bailey, manager of Agriculture More Than Ever, one of the driving forces behind Canada’s Agriculture Day.

“The appetite for this kind of celebration grows every year. It’s heart-warming to see the level of engagement and celebration from Canadians across the country,” said Bailey.

Canada’s Agriculture Day inspired community events and forums, opened doors to food conversations through social media, and showcased the industry to young people who attended a day-long event in Ottawa alongside industry and political leaders. It was also among the top trending topics in Canada on Twitter with #CdnAgDay.

“Canada has a long-standing reputation as a producer of some of the world’s safest, most reliable and high-quality food,” said Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, who participated in Canada’s Agriculture Day celebration in Ottawa. “This day celebrates all the hard work, energy and care that goes into producing the food we love every day of the year.”

MacAulay said Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sectors contribute over $110 billion to our economy and generate thousands of quality middle-class jobs in the food processing, transportation and retail sectors across Canada. He said the industry is on target to meet the federal government’s objective of generating $75 billion in agri-food exports by 2025.

“There are so many career opportunities for young people in this growing and dynamic industry and we need to attract more of them to meet the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population,” said Michael Hoffort, Farm Credit Canada’s president and CEO. “Canada’s Agriculture Day is just one way the industry is promoting itself to attract people with fresh ideas and new energy who will ensure Canadian agriculture remains strong and sustainable well into the future.”

This year’s celebration saw the participation of many partner groups across the country including industry associations, community groups, individuals and media. Many have already expressed an interest in participating in next year’s celebration.

Bailey said it’s important to talk about farming and food production throughout the year, but she sees tremendous value in having a day dedicated to showcasing Canadian agriculture. She said planning has already begun for 2020, since there seems to be a growing appetite among Canadians to learn more about food and food production in Canada.

Agriculture More Than Ever is an industry-led initiative that has more than 550 partner organizations and 5,000 individuals committed to creating positive perceptions of agriculture. Agriculture More Than Ever’s goal is to encourage and support those involved in agriculture to speak up and speak positively about the industry.