HAMILTON, Mass., July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Chew and Texture Technologies announced their strategic partnership combining the best of science and innovation in food product development. Chew is an innovation lab on a mission to democratize good food by developing radically more nutritious, sustainable, and enjoyable new food and beverage products. Texture Technologies' texture analyzers help food scientists assess physical characteristics of their products such as crunchiness, crispiness, and hardness. Working together, the two companies are fast tracking Chew's cutting-edge approach to food product development using texture analysis to rapidly test, refine, and iterate the texture of their products.

Product texture is an essential component of the food experience and product development. While some developers use a time-consuming hit-or-miss style of recipe tweaking to obtain a desirable product texture, Chew has opted for a more scientific and efficient approach using mechanical texture analysis. Chew's team of chefs and scientists can rapidly develop, test, and reformulate their products using Texture Technologies' tools and expertise to balance their culinary evaluation with scientific data. This approach helps further accelerate time to market, optimize the eating experience of end products, and rapidly meet changing consumer demands.

"At Chew we are constantly striving to create new solutions for the issues that arise in the food industry. To create products that are truly revolutionary, it is important for our team to have first-class equipment," said Adam Melonas, CEO/founder of Chew. "Through partnering with Texture Technologies, we'll be able to elevate and expedite our work in the lab and continue to strive for a new and improved generation of products in the packaged goods space."

"Texture Technologies is an innovator in food texture analysis for over three decades and works with large and small food companies to address their textural challenges. We are excited about the creativity and pace that Chew brings to the food development marketplace. We are pleased to lend our tools and expertise as they tackle new and interesting ideas in the food industry," said Marc Johnson, President of Texture Technologies.


CHICAGO, July 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Provisur® Technologies, Inc., a global leader in innovative food processing technologies is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership agreement with Dantech® Freezing Systems, headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark.  The companies will work together to incorporate Dantech's advanced freezing technology into Provisur's full line systems solutions.

According to Brian Perkins, Executive Vice President at Provisur Technologies: "Our partnership with Dantech represents a further enhancement in our ability to provide fully integrated processing lines that include state of the art technology at every step.  Dantech's full range of equipment including both spiral and impingement tunnel freezers are a perfect fit for Provisur as it boosts our ability to create customized solutions for every customer application."

Dantech is recognized around the world as a leading global specialist in freezing technology with over 30 years of experience and more than 2,500 global system installations in a broad range of applications. Henrik Ziegler, Owner and CEO of Dantech Freezing Systems states, "Our team is very pleased with this agreement and we are eager to get to work in demonstrating how customers can benefit from Dantech and Provisur's combined processing and freezing expertise."


ST-HYACINTHE, QC, June 28, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - As part of its continued growth, Olymel L.P.'s executives announced today the acquisition of all assets of Triomphe Foods, an agri-food company with a strong presence in the Quebec market and mass distribution network that is particularly known for its production of a wide range of deli meats and specialty hams. Triomphe Foods employs more than 250 people, and this transaction includes three production facilities, located in Laval, Blainville and Québec City respectively, as well as two distribution centres in Blainville and St-Léonard. The price of this transaction will not be disclosed.

Through this acquisition Olymel also becomes the owner of the brands Tour Eiffel, Chef Georges and La Belle Bretagne (hams and pâtés), Nostrano (Italian deli meats), Alpina (Eastern European deli meats), Bilopage (cretons and head cheese) and finally Mother Hen, a well-known brand specializing in baby food production including organic fruit and vegetable purées and meat purées. The production and marketing of all Triomphe Foods products and brands will continue, and the acquired company will have autonomous management.

"Olymel is proud to acquire a Quebec company renowned for the quality of its products and thus broaden our presence in several market segments, including baby food in particular. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all Triomphe Foods employees who will be adding their expertise to that of Olymel's teams. Through this acquisition and our own brands, Olymel will now have an even wider and more diversified range of value-added products, enabling us to serve a broad customer base, in addition to increasing our production capacities," said Réjean Nadeau, President and CEO of Olymel.

This is the second major acquisition for Olymel in less than a month. On June 14, the company announced the purchase of all the shares of Pinty's Delicious Foods Inc., an Ontario poultry slaughtering and processing company specializing in fully cooked and other related products, subject to Competition Bureau approval. Olymel continues its expansion in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, in both the fresh and processed pork and poultry sectors. Since 2015, Olymel has invested more than $800 million in its growth, resulting in the creation of more than 2000 new jobs.

 "Triomphe Foods is the result of my family's passion for well-made products and high-quality deli meats. This passion has also led us to bring together fantastic businesses to make a larger and stronger one. Today, we are pleased to see that the great development potential of Triomphe Foods will be in the hands of other Quebec entrepreneurs who have made Olymel a world-class company. Olymel's experience will be valuable and I am confident that our employees will continue to contribute to the success of their new company, as they have always done for Triomphe Foods. I would like to reiterate my gratitude and confidence in them," said Mélissa Latifi, President and CEO of Triomphe Foods.


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether clients are looking for a quick temperature increase, low vibration in tank heating or uniformity in heating with suspension of particles for water or water-like substances, the Komax Scepter Tank Heater is the best on the market.

This versatile series of steam heaters is designed for the direct injection of steam into tanks for heating water compatible products in a quiet, vibration-free, 100% efficient fashion. The tank heater develops a strong stirring action to help keep any solids or particulates in suspension. This stirring action also helps to produce uniform temperature throughout the tank allowing accurate thermostatic control.  The steady and uniform increase in temperature avoids over heating/burning of the slurry.

When inserted into a tank of liquid the momentum of the exiting steam draws the liquid into the perimeter of the module surrounding the steam inlet. Water and steam are divided and mixed by the mixing elements in each of the module holes and exit as a set of co-rotating vortexes. These form multiple impingement mixing zones at the exit of the mixing module to produce complete contacting of steam and the product to be heated in a low noise, low vibration. No auxiliary air supply is required for quiet operation.

Superior mixing technology comes in the form of the Equalizer™ Mixing Module.

"Our entire line of inline steam heaters utilizes our Equalizer™ Mixing Module, six cylindrical cavities equal in diameter that mount around the main pipe access. Each one contains its own helical mixing element. Once the steam is injected into the main line at the equalizer, the product and the steam come from the cavities, continually mixing in the same direction. Multiple impingement mixing zones that finish the process at a uniform temperature without vibration that so often accompanies the process." Alphonse Mendy/Applications Specialist.

See testimonials from Komax's clients here.

After the Komax Scepter installation, the mill found it also produced a faster heating time and provided very good tank circulation.

Komax Scepter Heater was able to achieve the temperature increase in just six minutes! This time savings has led to a quicker overall startup for their system and has been a significant money saver for the customer.

Contact Komax for additional information.

Robert S. Smith, President This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Komax 15301 Graham Street Huntington Beach, CA  92649 1-800-826-0760


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