March 20, 2019

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VANCOUVER, B.C., March 7, 2019 -- Great Little Box Company Ltd. (GLBC) announced today that it has again been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. This annual competition recognizes excellence in Canadian owned and managed companies and has selected GLBC as one of the companies to be recognized for this coveted award. Established in 1993 this award recognizes a select group of Canadian companies and offers 4 levels of achievement in this exclusive network.  GLBC has achieved platinum status for 8 consecutive years. 

GLBC is honored to be named among the excellent companies in this year’s Canada’s Best Managed Companies List.  While the awards are celebrated once a year, it is a distinction GLBC works hard to maintain on a daily basis.  “Our business has grown and changed, been challenged and triumphed. Through it all, we have maintained our core values, investing in great people in order to foster a great work environment” said Brad Tindall, President of GLBC.

Headquartered in Richmond, B.C., GLBC has established itself as the one source for innovative packaging and label solutions. Founded 37 years ago, the company is now comprised of a diverse workforce of 300 employees and growing. “Managing a company is challenging and we understand how important it is to communicate regularly, be a source of inspiration, and ensure all employees feel valued and appreciated. Our Platinum status of Canada’s Best Managed Companies signifies that we are moving in the right direction. We are proud of where we have come from, what we have built, and where we are going”, said Brad Tindall, President of GLBC.


Nice, France, 26 February 2019 – Food and beverage companies have a sense of the importance of new digital technologies to food safety, but lack the understanding of how to apply solutions like blockchain for this purpose – that’s according to a global survey of more than 1 600 industry experts.  The survey carried out by DNV GL and GFSI found that only 1 in 10 companies are currently using new technology to ensure food safety but firms responded more positively in the longer term, with that number rising to almost 4 in 10.

Of the new wave of digital technologies, sensors and beacons (44% today, 56% in three years) are the most widely used solution followed by blockchain (15% today, 40% in three years).  However, the lack of clarity is impacting investment decisions with more than a quarter of companies saying they do not know how much they will invest in digital solutions in the next 12 to 18 months and 14% answered that they will not spend in this area at all.  Asian companies in particular see value in blockchain, with 57% expecting to use the technology in three years, which is significantly higher than other regions.

“Digital technologies such as blockchain will transform many industries, especially those in the retail sector, but this survey indicates that to many food and beverage companies these technologies have yet to transition from buzzwords to real applications,” said Luca Crisciotti, CEO – Business Assurance, DNV GL. “At DNV GL we introduced blockchain to raise transparency in the certification process and to help brands bridge the trust gap between their efforts and consumers’ concerns, but it is clear we must work together as an industry to fully utilize the potential of new digital technologies to improve food safety.”

Elsewhere in the survey, safeguarding the health of consumers (88%) was shown to be the main driver of food safety, followed by laws and regulation (69%) and needs/requests from customers (60%).  Commercial benefits (30%) rank low, indicating that ensuring food safety is seen as a prerequisite.

Operational risk (76%), such as contamination, is perceived to be the standout threat whilst a lack of food safety culture (30%) and compliance to regulations (28%) are the next two biggest risks.  The fear of operational risks is especially strong in Europe (82%) compared to other regions.

A clear majority of companies view certification as a necessity of doing business (79%) whilst more than half (53%) see it as a way of improving food safety.


February 25, 2019

Atlas Copco announced a new breakthrough in the world of Liquid Ring Vacuum technology with the launch of its LRP 700-1000 VSD+ range of intelligent liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Ideally suited to wet, humid and dirty applications, the LRP VSD+ is a state-of-the-art vacuum solution with unrivalled innovation and integration capabilities. A huge departure from the classic liquid ring pumps available in the market today, the LRP VSD+ is a compact, high performance, energy efficient system enclosed in a strong, noise-containing canopy.

Uncomplicated plug-and-play product

The ergonomic design of the LRP 700-1000 VSD+ along with market leading HMI ensures the optimum operator interface and ease when controlling the vacuum pump. In addition, inlet, outlet and mains cable points are positioned on the top of the pump for straightforward installation. It is not least this feature that makes Atlas Copco's LRP VSD+ an uncomplicated plug-and-play product.

Energy and water savings

„The LRP VSD+ not only brings energy and water savings to our customers, but also saves on space. Its compact design and small footprint allows users to save space without having to sacrifice any vacuum performance“, explains Alistair Darroch, Product Manager, Liquid Ring Vacuum Technologies. The same applies to functionality: this pump contains a large number of performance-optimized components that would normally be supplied as accessories, often taking up additional space for piping and installation. With the LRP 700-1000 VSD+, these components have been integrated into the pump element to maximise efficiency, performance and space saving.

Operating noise in the range of 65dB(a)

The soundproof housing significantly reduces noise pollution in the immediate working environment. Indeed, with operating noise in the range of 65dB(a) the LRP VSD+ is an extremly quiet liquid ring pump. Along with noise reduction, the sturdy canopy and cubicle ensure that the pump and internal electronics are effectively protected against dust and water. This feature qualifies the LRP 700-1000 VSD+ series for the harshest industrial applications – extending the lifetime of the electronic components as well as the service intervals.

True breakthrough in liquid ring technology Speaking on the engineering design of the LRP VSD+ series, Alistair Darroch commented, “The LRP VSD+ vacuum pump is a true breakthrough in liquid ring technology as we know it today. No other liquid ring vacuum pump offers this level of efficiency and economy, while maintaining a high degree of build quality and standard scope of supply. We drew from over 150 years of engineering know-how and applied Atlas Copco’s innovative approach to create something truly unique. By combining the classic and rugged benefits of LRP with Atlas Copco’s variable speed drive technology we are introducing something that the market has not seen before.”

Variable Speed Drive technology

The Variable Speed Drive technology integrated into the LRP VSD+ is particularly unique. The twin VSD system operates in absolute harmony within the pump, ensuring optimal vacuum performance at all times. The primary VSD accurately maintains required vacuum levels by controlling the operating speed of the pump, matching pump performance to process demand and saving energy. The second VSD regulates the water circulation pump in response to the operating conditions seen. Optimizing water flow within the pump element and providing maximum performance and stability at all vacuum levels and operating speeds.

“Intelligence is a key feature of the LRP VSD+”, continued Alistair Darroch, “Our patented features and unique algorithms balance the operation of the water pump with the speed of the main motor. This guarantees that the pump always delivers peak performance while maintaining maximum energy efficiency.”

Smart monitoring and remote controllability Adding to the intelligence of the pump are multiple innovations that allow the LRP VSD+ to uniquely meet the needs of the customers and the demands of modern day industrial processes and situations. Automatic Seizure Prevention, ASP, and Automatic Cavitation Prevention, ACP, protect pump and customer process alike. Smart monitoring and remote controllability are further key features that really differentiate the LRP VSD+ series.

Key information readily available

Equipped with Atlas Copco’s MkV Elektronikon® controller as standard, the LRP VSD+ has a comprehensive in-built plant management system. Key information such as pump status, operating conditions, warning alarms and maintenance information readily available. Multiple pumps can be monitored, controlled and optimized simultaneously, giving customers the most suitable product performance at all times. Paired with Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK, the LRP VSD+ offers game-changing monitoring, control and connectivity.

Designed for an array of applications

With features that ensure optimum performance, maximum vacuum uptime and pump robustness. The Atlas Copco LRP VSD+ series is designed for an array of applications that are wet, humid, harsh or dirty; including filtration, food processing, conveying, ePS, drying, degassing and plastics calibration and rubber vulcanization to name a few.


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