November 13, 2018

(Madison, IN) – Madison Chemical unveils their website which presents comprehensive information about their formulated cleaning and sanitation chemicals for the food and beverage industries in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate format.  This user-friendly site at allows users to search for products by application within their specific industry, download technical data sheet and safety data sheets for products of interest, peruse an “industry events” section, read customer testimonials, and more.  The company formulates a wide range of cleaning and sanitation products for breweries, dairies, bakeries, dressings/sauces manufacturing, egg production and processing, fresh cut fruits and vegetable processing, frozen foods manufacturing, snack food production, protein processing, and more. 

All Madison products are available through a nationwide network of direct technical representatives who assist customers in all stages of their cleaning process, including process development. 

The site also includes links to Madison University – an online training program to provide users with the skills and technical knowledge to best apply Madison products.  

Madison Chemical is a chemical formulator which provides cleaning, sanitation, maintenance and surface preparation products for the craft brewery, food processing, winery, beverage and bottling, wastewater treatment, industrial maintenance, transportation, pulp & paper, metalworking, and other industries.  Since 1947 they have served customers from their Madison, IN headquarters and through a nationwide network of direct technical sales representatives.  For additional information visit, write to them at Madison Chemical, 3141 Clifty Drive, Madison, IN, 47250, or call (812) 273-6000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, November 8, 2018 - Mr. Serge Lefebvre, President of Nutri Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Claude Lafleur, Agr. MBA, to Nutri Group’s Board of Directors. Mr. Lafleur has served as a member of Nutri Group’s Audit Committee since January 2017.

Having trained as an agro-economist at Université Laval and Michigan State University, Mr. Lafleur is a well-known figure in Québec’s agricultural industry and agri-food sector. He has served as Managing Director of the Union des producteurs agricoles and then as Chief Executive Officer of the Coop fédérée from 2005 to 2014.

In 2014, Mr. Lafleur received the Cérès Honoris Causa for his exceptional contribution to agriculture and agri-food.

He is currently director at many company boards and is an active investor in Anges Québec.

This new appointment is part of good governance and is intended to complement the expertise of the Board of Directors, otherwise composed of the following producers and shareholders:

  • Mr. Serge Lefebvre, Agr., President
  • Ms. Claudia Désilets, BBA, MBA, Vice-President
  • Mr. Michel Gauvin
  • Mr. Jean-François Allie, BBA
  • Mr. Mathieu Poirier

Ms. Julie Lavallée-Morin, BBA, M. Sc.


Montréal, November 6, 2018 - NEXXUS Foods Incorporated, recognized for its know-how and excellence in the Food and Beverage industries, including Sport Nutrition, is excited to share the news that Mr. Joseph Napoletano is joining the company as its new Sales Director. The company’s focus is to offer the best functional solutions, including allergen-free and GMO-free, with specialty ingredients and custom mixes. In an effort to support company growth, create increased client value and ensure optimal customer support, NEXXUS Foods is thrilled to share the news that this seasoned industry veteran is joining its corporate sales team.

Mr. Napoletano brings with him comprehensive knowledge of the industry and sound professional expertise. He will play a leading role in defining and deploying an effective business strategy to improve company performance, while optimizing the competitive positioning and reach of the brand, which has been offering functional and innovative solutions to meet the needs of its clients since 2004.

Prior to joining NEXXUS Foods, Mr. Napoletano served as Corporate Business Development Manager for Novotaste Corporation Inc., a company specializing in food flavours, in both Montréal and Toronto. He was also instrumental in developing the colour business for Sensient Colors in Québec, eastern Canada and the U.S. Midwest, and for managing key global and European accounts in Hamburg, Germany, and Lyon, France.

Mr. Napoletano, a native of Montréal, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Concordia University, and has worked in chemical sales, and in the development of the food colours and food flavours business for eight years. He also speaks fluent English, French and Italian. Mr. Napoletano and his wife, Amanda, reside in Toronto, where they enjoy outdoor activities, cooking, traveling, and helping underprivileged youth.


(Cincinnati, Ohio) – Vortec has updated their online heat load calculator, allowing users to determine cooling requirements for their specific enclosure.  The new tool, available at allows users to input enclosure dimensions, compressed air inlet temperature and pressure, current cabinet temperatures, worst case ambient temperature and whether the enclosure is in direct contact with sunlight (and enclosure color).  Users select units of measure for length (inches or millimeters), power (watts or BtuH), temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), and pressure (psig or bar) as well as NEMA rating required.  The Heat Load Calculator then calculates the total heat load in the enclosure and suggests a Vortec enclosure cooler suitable for the application.  The heat load calculator can generate a PDF of the results, providing users with all information required about the cooler in a sleek, easy to share format.  This new online tool is ideal for a wide range of industries and applications, including industrial/manufacturing, food, chemical, water, wastewater and other processing environments, oil refining and petrochemical processing, and others that have become dependent on microprocessors, PLCs, and VFDs. 

How Vortex Tubes Work

Vortex Tubes convert compressed air to a low-pressure cold air source to keep electronic enclosures and panel components protected so they can operate precisely. A compressed air stream enters the vortex tube where it spins rapidly, splitting into hot and cold air streams. Most Vortec Enclosure Cooler models are thermostatically controlled to regulate cabinet temperatures within a specified range.

With low initial cost and lower maintenance costs compared to air conditioners, fans, or thermoelectric coolers, Vortec technology is an essential part of many of the hottest and dirtiest industries, including refineries and petrochemical facilities. With trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures up to 175?F (80?C), Vortec coolers prevent costly shutdowns and massive production losses.

Cincinnati-based Vortec is a division of the Fortune 200 firm Illinois Tool Works, and has been recognized as the market leader and innovator of pneumatic products that use compressed air efficiently to solve cooling, cleaning and conveying problems for more than 50 years. In the early 1960’s Vortec was the first company to develop technology for converting the vortex tube phenomenon into practical and effective, industrial cooling solutions.  For additional information visit them online at, email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or write to them at Vortec, 10125 Carver Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. 


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