Dallas, United States, 19 June 2018tna is pleased to announce the promotion of Teri Johnson to divisional sales manager – North America. In her new role, Teri will be responsible for providing leadership for tna’s growing local sales teams and contribute to the company’s regional marketing and business strategy. In addition, she’ll be focusing on developing new processes and standards that will provide tna’s customers with even more regional support, shorter response times and better access to tna’s complete range of start-to-finish solutions.

“I’m personally very excited about Teri’s new role,” comments Steven Wolfe, general manager tna North America. “Since Teri started at tna six years ago, she’s become a huge asset to the company. Her unique ability to connect with people and create loyal and delighted customers is a perfect fit for our mission to establish a first-class sales team that surpasses customer expectations. I’m more than confident Teri is going to shine in her new role and am happy to have her support in this larger capacity to help further expand our North America operations.”

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Teri’s career spans a variety of roles ranging from engineering to product development and sales. Having joined tna in 2012 as a regional sales manager, she quickly managed to build close relationships with internal and external stakeholders.Her in-depth understanding of tna’s entire range of start-to-finish solutions ensures that tna’s customers benefit from the right equipment and services to meet both their current, as well as their future needs.

Commenting on her appointment Teri says: “I look forward to taking on this new challenge. The snack food industry is changing rapidly at the moment, and manufacturers are facing a range of new challenges. Whether it’s new food safety regulations, the push for healthier options or consumer demand for more variety and higher quality, today’s manufacturers need equipment that can help them maintain that all important competitive edge. I’m incredibly proud to be part of a company that has the technology, knowledge and people to help manufacturers turn each of these challenges into opportunities. We have one of the most dedicated sales teams in the industry and I look forward to helpingthe team and tna reach its goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction.”


ST-HYACINTHE, QC, June 14, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Olymel L.P. executives are announcing the acquisition of all the shares of Pinty's Delicious Foods Inc., an Ontario poultry slaughtering and processing company that specializes in fully cooked products and other related products. Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Pinty's employs 360 people. The company operates three processing plants, respectively located in Port Colborne, Paris, and Oakville, Ontario. Pinty's markets its products throughout Canada and the United States under the brands Pinty's Food Service, Pinty's Pub & Grill, Pinty's Eat Well, Pinty's Perfect Portions and Pinty's Delicious Food Inc.

"Olymel is confident that this transaction will benefit our development and growth. We are proud to welcome the employees of Pinty's Delicious Foods Inc. Over the past 70 years, Pinty's has developed great expertise on the Canadian and American markets by offering innovative and exclusive products under brand names that have become extremely popular with many consumers and customers. We know that this family business has been served by passionate owners throughout its history. We are also pleased to invest and strengthen our presence in Ontario and on the Canadian market," said Réjean Nadeau, Olymel's President and CEO.

Current employees of Pinty's Delicious Foods Inc. will continue to work within the company. The closing of this transaction is subject to the approval of the Competition Bureau. Meanwhile, both companies will continue their activities separately and independently.

"The owners and management of Pinty's Delicious Foods are happy to have found a Canadian buyer. We are confident that Olymel will grow our company and ensure it a promising future. I truly believe that our employees will benefit from the advantages of working for a large group like Olymel, a company that has a unique expertise in the processing and marketing of poultry products. We are proud of the company and the business network that we have built around Pinty's brands for decades and I am certain that this transaction will also benefit our customers and consumers," said Jack Vanderlaan, Executive Chairman of Pinty's.

This acquisition is part of Olymel's action to consolidate its position in Canada as the leader of the pork and poultry slaughtering and processing sector. Specifically, in the poultry sector, Olymel owns seven poultry slaughtering and processing establishments in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick serving the entirety of the Canadian market under the brands Olymel, Flamingo and Galco, in addition to placing its production capacity at the service of private brands. Pinty's will pursue its activities, continue to serve its current customers and honour its supply agreements according to the prevailing poultry market conventions in Ontario. 


MONTREAL, June 14, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Given that the acidity of fruits like the cranberry is an obstacle to their consumption, a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers, technicians, and flavorists from West Invest sought a way to develop a fruit that has been underexploited for too long, due to a lack of sophisticated technology. Today, the company and its leader Eric Reynaud are proud to unveil a patent-pending innovation that enables the development of healthy, natural and high-quality products: F.I.E.R.TM (Flash Ions Exchange Resins).

A year of research and development in 2016 bore fruit as the West Invest team discovered a way to precisely target the molecule responsible for undesirable acid perception. This led to development of the F.I.E.R.TM process, which is used to adjust and correct the pH of cranberries (from less than 2.5 to nearly 3.5) by selectively, reliably, and quickly reducing a specific compound while preserving all the properties and components of interest in the fruit.

The F.I.E.R.TM process can be applied to a wide range of so-called acidic fruits and optimize a pH between 2.5 and 4.5 to a tenth of a point. Its application extends to pomegranates, for instance, with a pH between 2.5 and 3.5, and even pineapples, with a pH between 3.5 and 4, as well as to many other products and applications such as juices, jams, sauces, coulis, and toppings, or even soups, precluding the need for added sugar and artificial coloring.

"Today, consumer awareness is leading to increased demand for a healthier diet that limits the use of sugar without altering the taste experience," says Eric Reynaud. "Cranberries have important health benefits, such as antioxidants and polyphenolics, but because of their acidity, they are not consumed, or at least rarely, favored without changing their concentration (adding sugar and/or water). That is why, after painstaking research to enhance and optimize the potential of cranberries and other acidic fruits, we at West Invest are proud to announce that we have developed an industrial innovation that will put the fruit at center stage. The cranberry is ultimately a beautiful symphony—you just have to tune out the off-key notes."

F.I.E.R.TM industrial technology is a great solution for the agrifood industry of tomorrow, as it costs less than 2¢ per liter to implement. In concrete terms, it is capable of processing 50,000 liters per day of cranberry juice or any other type of product. The device, consisting of four chromatography reactors, can process a wide range of products thanks to an automation and regulation module allowing the operator to adjust and stabilize the pH of the desired solutions. The process can be easily integrated into any existing production line with very low implementation costs.

The tool's capacity suggests easy scalability to accommodate higher productivity levels. West Invest is currently working on a unit capable of processing 250,000 liters per day. Going from 50,000 liters to 250,000 liters is much easier than scaling up from the laboratory to the pre-industrial stage.

Renowned international organizations and laboratories such as the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ), have validated the technology and certified that it preserves the phenolic profile of deacidified cranberry juice. As such, it fully preserves the polyphenolic compounds and anthocyanin pigments—the cranberry's claim to fame—throughout the entire process.

While the cranberry market is supported by dried fruit, which accounts for around 70% of production, F.I.E.R. technology optimizes and reduces the use of sugars in the production of dried products and candying by replacing them with nutrient-rich deacidified juices.

"This discovery will affect all parts of the economy positively," says Eric Reynaud. "It's a win–win that will generate both jobs and consumer health benefits."


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