Cambridge, ON, August 1, 2017 – Blendtek Ingredients Inc. <> , a premier Canadian innovative food ingredients and solutions company, has partnered with Fitoplancton Marino <> , a world leader in the development of marine microalgae cultures based in Spain, to supply Fitoplancton Marino’s TetraSOD® and Easyalgae® Plankton-Extract. TetraSOD® is an emerging natural health ingredient with a wide range of beneficial applications for food, health and nutrition products. Easyalgae®Plankton-Extract is a powerful marine based extract for the skin and a unique solution for the dermocosmetic industry.

“The interest and demand for microalgae ingredients is rapidly growing in the functional foods and cosmetic industries as the proven benefits of microalgae continue to be realized,” said Steve Zinger, President, Blendtek. “Fitoplancton Marino’s revolutionary technology and industry leadership makes them the ideal partner for Blendtek as we continue to source and supply the highest quality, innovative and in-demand ingredients to help enhance our customer’s products.”

“At Fitoplancton Marino we have made great efforts in developing bioactive microalgae ingredients to transform regular foods and products into innovative functional foods and products that support healthy living, sustainable development and economic viability,” said David Hunter, Business & Product Developer, Fitoplancton Marino. “Phytoplankton is the future of nutrition and health, and we are excited to show the industry the big potential of this microscopic plant that powers the entire ocean.”

TetraSOD® is a completely natural, raw, vegan, and non GMO ingredient. It is produced by a sustainable patent-protected technology that has been designed exclusively by Fitoplancton Marino without the use of any chemical process of extraction or concentration.

TetraSOD® contains three antioxidative enzymes (SOD, glutathione peroxidase and catalase), essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins (C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12), minerals (Ca, Mg, P, Na, Cl, Fe, Cu), amino acids and pigments. With the highest bioactive antioxidant capacity and source of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) on the market, TetraSOD® is a promising candidate for the prevention and treatment of oxidative stress-mediated issues. Proposed protective and preventive positive effects derived from TetraSOD® dietary supplementation include: muscle recovery; joint health; eye health; weight management; acne reduction; anti-aging; and more.

“With TetraSOD®’s powerful antioxidant capacity and nutrient dense properties, it can be used to significantly increase the nutritional value of items ranging from  sports nutrition products and supplements to healthy snacks, bakery goods and much more, ” said Rob Bianchin, Vice President, Blendtek. “TetraSOD® provides food manufacturers with a competitive advantage by not only providing a way to enhance existing products naturally, but also develop new functional foods from a safe and sustainable source.”

Easyalgae®Plankton-Extract is a new and natural solution ideal for the dermocosmetic market that offers scientifically proven bioactive capacities including: antioxidant enhancer; anti-inflammatory; hydration; cell proliferation and angiogenesis; wound healing; modulator of apoptosis; anti-wrinkle; improvement of ageing spots and pigmentation; and anti-cellulite.

Microalgae bioactivities were tested by in vitro studies in different human cells to evaluate cosmetic and therapeutic activities. Results show a 95 per cent improvement of dryness or cutaneous xerosis, 90 per cent increase in the disappearance of itchiness or pruritus, and 85 per cent reduction in the severity of the lesions. Other results include a significant improvement in quality of life and a reduction in the number of injuries with no intolerance or side effects.

Easyalgae®Plankton-Extract can be used in a variety of dermocosmetic products:

•         Creams for an immediate and long-lasting hydration.

•         Serums, thanks to its antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and regeneration capacity.

•         Formulations for atopic dermatitis and other skin disorders.

•         Treatments for skin hyperpigmentation and vitiligo because of its high content in vitamin B12.

For more information on TetraSOD® and Easyalgae®Plankton-Extract please call Blendtek  customer service at (844) 279-4401. For more information about Blendtek please visit <>  and follow @Blendtek_Inc <>  on Twitter. To learn more about Fitoplancton Marino please visit <>  or follow @FitoplanctonM <> on Twitter.


Optimum product inspection of tall, rigid containers, including cartons, doypacks, metal cans, and plastic and glass containers, can be achieved with the new X37 Series of x-ray inspection systems from Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. Available in a number of flexible technology alternatives, the X37 Series can be configured with different detector sensitivity options supported by a range of power generators, to detect and reject contaminants, such as metal, glass, calcified bone, mineral stone and high-density plastics. This customisation enables food manufacturers to create a system specifically designed to suit their individual application, whilst reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO) and complying with safety regulations and guidelines by consistently guaranteeing contaminant-free products.

The X37 Series includes the X3710, X3720 and X3730 x-ray systems, as well as the X3750 - the most technically-advanced x-ray system on the market for glass-in-glass inspection. Featuring an adjustable, angled x-ray beam and innovative detector technology, the X3750 provides outstanding and reliable detection of glass and other dense contaminants at high throughputs. In addition, the X3750 is capable of performing multiple food quality checks, ensuring not just product safety and integrity, but complete brand protection.

The X37 Series – the Big Difference is in Every Detail
To suit a variety of tall, rigid packaging applications, manufacturers can choose between a 0.4mm and a 0.8mm detector diode. The 0.8mm detector technology is five times more sensitive to x-rays than traditional systems, ensuring unparalleled precision in the contaminant inspection of food products. For the inspection of composite cans, cartons, tubes, doypacks and plastic containers, for instance, producers can select a 20W generator which can result in a significant reduction of power consumption and cooling requirements, as it offers the same precision as a conventional 100W device.

“Traditionally, food processors needed to implement high-power x-ray systems to inspect cans or glass containers at high speeds, of up to 1,200 products per minute,” explains Daniela Verhaeg, Marketing Manager of Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. “The X37 Series' advanced detector technology and class-leading inspection software enable systems to offer equal or, in some cases, improved detection levels whilst typically only needing one fifth of the standard x-ray energy power consumption. Consequently, this allows food manufacturers to reduce operational costs whilst maintaining the utmost level of safety and quality for their products”. 

The x-ray range can be configured to the particular needs of a specific production facility. Manufacturers can, for example, select different high-speed reject systems to match their production needs and guarantee easy and effective product rejection. Suitable for a wide range of product types, some systems in the Series are available with fully-adjustable pusher and air blast options with large vision windows.

For the X3710/20/30, an optional removable roller track in the reject chute can also be installed to ensure products slide down the chute gently and to facilitate easy cleaning. The X3750 offers a short stroke pusher reject device which is capable of rejecting product that doesn't meet predefined quality levels onto an integrated driven reject table without damaging the product. While standard systems are available in a number of different configurations, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray also offers manufacturers the option to develop bespoke models to meet individual application requirements.

As the X37 Series can easily be integrated onto existing customer lines, manufacturers can maintain high volume production targets with no need to reduce line speeds. Optimum product inspection is achieved at high throughput levels of up to 1,200 containers per minute, depending on product configurations. Furthermore, the x-ray systems are capable of simultaneously performing additional quality control checks, such as assessing the fill level of products, measuring head space, detecting missing caps on plastic bottles, identifying agglomerates, such as flavour and powder lumps, confirming the presence of a vacuum and inspecting for packaging defects. These tried and tested features ultimately ensure that only high-quality products leave the manufacturing facility, optimising product integrity and upholding brand reputation.

All models in the X37 Series are hygienically designed, providing a robust system fit for all applications. The X37 Series is IP65 rated as standard but may be upgraded to IP69, making systems suitable for harsh washdown environments. The hygienic design is further enhanced by sloping surfaces to allow water to run off easily after washdown. User ergonomics have also been fully considered to make systems easy and comfortable to use, for example, full length guiderails can be adjusted from the front of the systems to allow quick and easy installation and changeovers, effectively increasing uptime.

Mettler-Toeldo now offers a 5-year generator warranty for all Next Generation x-ray systems. This ensures the most expensive component of your x-ray system is covered, avoiding any unexpected downtime or additional costs, when purchased with a comprehensive or standard care package.

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection offers ProdX™ 2.0 data management software system, which is designed for use on food lines, as well as in pharmaceutical and chemical processing. The data management software package connects product inspection equipment across the entire production line into a single, unified network.

More information on the X37 Series can be found at:


Regina, Saskatchewan, July 20, 2017 – A strong financial performance enables Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) to enhance products and services for customers, give back to communities and provide free learning opportunities for the entire industry, said FCC president and CEO Michael Hoffort, in releasing the federal Crown corporation’s annual report.

“This year’s outstanding financial performance fuels our ability to give back to Canadian agriculture in so many ways,” Hoffort said. “FCC is a part of this great industry and our involvement goes well beyond financial transactions.”

In 2016-17, FCC gave back more than $3 million through community investment initiatives and led the industry in launching Canada’s Agriculture Day to celebrate and increase public awareness of the Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector.

FCC continued to focus on ag education and safety through its support for groups, such as 4-H Canada, Ag in the Classroom, industry associations, STARS air ambulance service and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association’s Back to Ag program to help injured farmers and agricultural workers return to work. Profits are also used to support health and wellness initiatives, such as Agriculture Safety Week and FCC Drive Away Hunger in support of Food Banks Canada.

FCC continues to provide free learning opportunities and economic insights through social media and various publications for all involved with the industry.

For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, FCC grew its portfolio by $2.6 billion to $31.2 billion in loans to farmers, processors and suppliers throughout the agriculture value chain.

More than $3.2 billion in new lending went to young farmers this year. As part of its effort to support young people wanting to enter or become established in the industry, FCC doubled the borrowing limit on its Young Farmers Loan to $1 million and introduced the Young Entrepreneur Loan for the agriculture retail, manufacturing and food processing sector.

Other 2016-17 financial highlights include:

• Net income of $613.8 million, which will be reinvested in agriculture through funding new loans and developing agriculture knowledge, products and services for customers.
• A dividend of $268.3 million paid by FCC to the Government of Canada.
• A healthy loan portfolio with the allowance for credit loss remaining steady, reflecting a strong and vibrant industry.
• Strong debt-to-equity and total capital ratios, indicating continued financial strength and an ongoing ability to serve the agriculture industry.

FCC adjusted payment schedules on almost 300 loans through various support programs for customers impacted by unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather or disease.

“Our business is built on strong, caring relationships with our customers and our passion for the industry that feeds the world,” Hoffort said. “We are unlike any other financial institution in Canada, since agriculture is our only focus and we are committed to serving as a strong and stable partner throughout all business cycles.”

“I was pleased to help launch FCC’s new and expanded loan programs for young farmers and entrepreneurs – two specialized loans that are helping young farmers, farm families and agri-food entrepreneurs fulfill their business ambitions,” Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay said. “In partnership with my department, FCC is contributing to the strong performance of Canadian agriculture and meeting our government’s ambitious goal of increasing agri-food exports to $75 billion by 2025.”

The FCC annual public meeting will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan on August 16. A full copy of the report can be found at


July 11, 2017

Mettler-Toledo Safeline, the leading metal detection technology specialist, has developed a range of HDS Pipeline Detectors based on its well-proven Signature platform. This innovative pipeline metal detection solution was originally developed specifically for use on vacuum filling lines where it delivers unrivalled detection sensitivity and stability, as well as user-friendly operation in potentially harsh or extreme working environments.

Designed for easy integration with all leading vacuum fillers and other processing equipment, the HDS Pipeline metal detection system offers consistent and reliable performance. Featuring a full stainless steel construction and sealed to IP69K, HDS systems are capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions and stringent washdown regimes required in meat and food processing plants.

Safeline's advanced detection coil technology and Signature software platform deliver very high sensitivity to all metal types. Ferrous, non-ferrous and even difficult-to-detect non-magnetic stainless steel contaminants can all be easily detected. In addition, HDS pipeline systems are capable of detecting non-spherical contaminants such as metal clips, wire, swarf and slivers of metal introduced during grinding processes, which have traditionally proved difficult to locate due to a phenomenon known as the 'orientation effect'.

The short overall length of the throughput tube and utilisation of Safeline’s zero metal-free zone (ZMFZ) technology minimises product “creaming” (uneven distribution of fats towards the outside of the product). This also enables metal fittings and other process equipment to be positioned in close proximity to the detection head without compromising detector performance.

The HDS system’s slim design and compact footprint allow it to fit into the tightest of environments alongside leading vacuum fillers. Four robust castors offer 360° rotation, facilitating easy withdrawal from the process for cleaning and relocation to other lines if required. Furthermore, flexible height adjustment allows the detection head to be raised or lowered via a gas-strut to link up with the vacuum filler outlet. Fine adjustment to take account of uneven floors is also provided via a hygienically-designed screw feature on each individual castor.

All HDS systems incorporate ‘stop-on-detect’ functionality. This means that if metal is detected, a signal will be generated to control vacuum filler operation, enabling contaminated product to be purged from the pipeline. Alternatively, manufacturers wishing to reject contaminated product without stopping the filler can benefit from a choice of robust, stainless steel, food quality plug or ball type reject valves. Available for use with sausage meats, fats, high-viscosity pastes and liquids, such valves incorporate quick release couplings to automatically redirect process flow into a reject bin when metal contamination is identified. Linker extension kits are also available to suit all leading twister attachments and provide seamless connection of the throughput pipe, linker drive shaft and linker plates making integration quick and simple.

Oliver Giersch, Managing Director of Giersch GmbH & Co. KG, a company which produces meats and sausages, commented, "As we want to offer our customers only tested, high-quality products, we've been working for a number of years with Mettler-Toledo Safeline metal detectors. In addition to its simple set-up and operation, we were impressed by how well the HDS Pipeline system works with the vacuum filler."

HDS pipeline systems can be connected to a wide range of factory data management solutions via Ethernet technology to support compliance with leading food industry standards, regulations and legislation. Manufacturers can also use this connectivity to record performance data and to confirm test routines have been completed for complete product traceability and proof of due diligence.


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