OCALA, Fla., July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MARS Company, a global leader in water meter testing and technology solutions, announced today that it has launched a new, M3 Advanced Scale and Control System upgrade program that includes special incentives and/or trade-in allowance(s) for legacy gravimetric weight scale instrument systems.

Due to the abrupt manufacturer discontinuance of the legacy gravimetric scale instrument system, MARS has launched a new, limited time upgrade program that provides a cost-effective upgrade for increased functionality and reliability.  An overview of the system includes: 

  • Advanced Scale & Control Software Module
    • Full Color, Multi-Touch Display compatibility for Increased Ease of Use
    • Advanced Interpretation of Weight Transmitter Data
    • Compatible with Avery Weigh-Tronix & Other Scales   
    • Enhanced Control for Other External Systems
    • Optional Water Temperature Correction to Ensure Accuracy            
    • Remote, Online Software Updates and Remote Diagnostics
    • Expandable, Modular Design

AW-1310 Scale Instrument Discontinuance

The following previous-generation gravimetric scale instrument system will be discontinued, effective September 30, 2018:

End-of-Life Product Model Number Product Description Replacement Product Model Replacement Product Description
Avery Weigh-Tronix Model 1310 Weight Scale Instrument MARS Advanced Scale and Control System – 8x00xxxxx Full Color, Multi-Touch Display and M3 Software Module

MARS will continue to provide warranty support on all legacy scale instruments outlined above.  Due to abrupt manufacturer product discontinuance, MARS cannot provide out-of-warranty parts or support.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for upgrade program details.  As previously announced, the Advanced Scale & Control System is fully compatible with and requires the latest M3 Enterprise Software (not compatible with the legacy M3 Software) and is expected to be available in the 3Q of 2018.  For more information about MARS Company and its M3 Enterprise Software, please visit


Regina, Saskatchewan, July 19, 2018 –After another strong financial performance in 2017-18, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) has renewed its commitment to support growth and innovation in Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industry.

“Agriculture and agri-food remains one of the strongest and most vibrant sectors in Canada’s economy,” said FCC president and CEO Michael Hoffort, in releasing the federal Crown corporation’s annual report . “FCC had record demand for financing this past year as producers and agriculture business operators continue to invest in the industry by expanding their businesses, building new facilities and adopting technologies to increase their efficiency.”

In 2017-18, FCC grew its portfolio by 8.4 per cent to $33.9 billion, including $3.3 billion in new lending to young farmers. FCC also increased lending in the agri-food and agribusiness sector, supporting young entrepreneurs and helping business operators become leaders in job creation and innovation.

“Innovation spurs increased productivity and competitiveness,” Hoffort said. “We understand the needs of our customers across the agriculture value chain, from primary producers to the agribusiness and agri-food companies that create value-added products for Canadian and global markets.”

Looking ahead, FCC has set its sights on advancing its public policy role by contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive agriculture and agri-food industry. The federal Crown corporation is launching initiatives to advance mental health awareness in agriculture, developing financing and business support for women entrepreneurs, and exploring ways to involve more indigenous people and communities in the industry.

“By helping primary producers and agri-food operators achieve their full potential, FCC is enabling the industry to create more opportunities for a broader range of people who can bring fresh ideas and new energy to Canadian agriculture and agri-food,” Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay said. “At the same time, FCC is contributing to our government’s ambitious goal of increasing agri-food exports to $75 billion by 2025.”

In 2017-18, FCC support programs were provided last year for Ontario and Quebec customers impacted by excessive moisture and, more recently, New Brunswick and Quebec maple syrup producers and Maritimes fruit and vegetable producers impacted by unfavorable weather this spring.

FCC also gave back almost $4 million through community investment initiatives, launched the Ignite summit for young farmers, offered a wide range of Ag Knowledge Exchange learning events attracting more than 15,000 participants and raised an equivalent of 7.2 million meals in conjunction with its like-minded partners through the FCC Drive Away Hunger tour in support of food banks across Canada. It also continues to support groups, such as 4-H Canada, Ag in the Classroom, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association, STARS air ambulance service and numerous industry associations.

“Our role goes well beyond loan transactions,” Hoffort said. “We look forward to continuing our support for young and new entrants, enabling intergenerational transfers of family farms and supporting the growth of our customers and the industry.”

Other 2017-18 financial highlights include:

  • Net income of $669.9 million, to be reinvested in agriculture through funding new loans and developing agriculture knowledge, products and services for customers.
  • A dividend of $308.3 million paid by FCC to the Government of Canada.
  • A healthy loan portfolio with the allowance for credit losses remaining steady, reflecting a strong and vibrant industry.
  • Strong debt-to-equity and total capital ratios, indicating continued financial strength and an ongoing ability to serve the agriculture and agri-food industry.

FCC continues to provide free learning opportunities andeconomic insights through events, web, social media and various publications for all involved with the industry.

The FCC annual public meeting will be held in Truro, Nova Scotia on August 22. A full copy of the report can be found at

FCC is Canada’s leading agriculture lender, with a healthy loan portfolio of more than $33 billion. Our employees are dedicated to the future of Canadian agriculture and its role in feeding an ever-growing world. We provide flexible, competitively priced financing, management software, information and knowledge specifically designed for the agriculture and agri-food industry. As a self-sustaining Crown corporation, our profits provide a return to our shareholder and enable us to reinvest back into the industry we serve and the communities where our customers and employees live and work. Visit or follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and on Twitter @FCCagriculture.


HAMILTON, Mass., July 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Chew and Texture Technologies announced their strategic partnership combining the best of science and innovation in food product development. Chew is an innovation lab on a mission to democratize good food by developing radically more nutritious, sustainable, and enjoyable new food and beverage products. Texture Technologies' texture analyzers help food scientists assess physical characteristics of their products such as crunchiness, crispiness, and hardness. Working together, the two companies are fast tracking Chew's cutting-edge approach to food product development using texture analysis to rapidly test, refine, and iterate the texture of their products.

Product texture is an essential component of the food experience and product development. While some developers use a time-consuming hit-or-miss style of recipe tweaking to obtain a desirable product texture, Chew has opted for a more scientific and efficient approach using mechanical texture analysis. Chew's team of chefs and scientists can rapidly develop, test, and reformulate their products using Texture Technologies' tools and expertise to balance their culinary evaluation with scientific data. This approach helps further accelerate time to market, optimize the eating experience of end products, and rapidly meet changing consumer demands.

"At Chew we are constantly striving to create new solutions for the issues that arise in the food industry. To create products that are truly revolutionary, it is important for our team to have first-class equipment," said Adam Melonas, CEO/founder of Chew. "Through partnering with Texture Technologies, we'll be able to elevate and expedite our work in the lab and continue to strive for a new and improved generation of products in the packaged goods space."

"Texture Technologies is an innovator in food texture analysis for over three decades and works with large and small food companies to address their textural challenges. We are excited about the creativity and pace that Chew brings to the food development marketplace. We are pleased to lend our tools and expertise as they tackle new and interesting ideas in the food industry," said Marc Johnson, President of Texture Technologies.


CHICAGO, July 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Provisur® Technologies, Inc., a global leader in innovative food processing technologies is pleased to announce it has entered into a partnership agreement with Dantech® Freezing Systems, headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark.  The companies will work together to incorporate Dantech's advanced freezing technology into Provisur's full line systems solutions.

According to Brian Perkins, Executive Vice President at Provisur Technologies: "Our partnership with Dantech represents a further enhancement in our ability to provide fully integrated processing lines that include state of the art technology at every step.  Dantech's full range of equipment including both spiral and impingement tunnel freezers are a perfect fit for Provisur as it boosts our ability to create customized solutions for every customer application."

Dantech is recognized around the world as a leading global specialist in freezing technology with over 30 years of experience and more than 2,500 global system installations in a broad range of applications. Henrik Ziegler, Owner and CEO of Dantech Freezing Systems states, "Our team is very pleased with this agreement and we are eager to get to work in demonstrating how customers can benefit from Dantech and Provisur's combined processing and freezing expertise."


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