Pittsburgh, PA — April 29, 2023 — CapSen Robotics, an innovator in 3D machine vision and motion planning software for robotic bin-picking applications, introduces the v2.0 release of its CapSen PiC software. The system features an intuitive new user interface (UI) and programmable AI designed to tackle challenging high-mix, low-volume bin-picking tasks.

CapSen PiC 2.0 combines 3D vision, motion planning, and control algorithms to provide robots the ability to locate, pick, and manipulate objects from cluttered bins and shelves. The system accurately detects 3D objects in a range of different positions and orientations, even when they’re partially occluded or in tight workspaces. The software provides consistent and complete control of a robot, end effector, and 3D cameras within a robot cell, greatly lessening the integration burden of deploying a bin-picking system. In addition, CapSen PiC 2.0 features programmable AI techniques that enable high-mix, low-volume bin-picking tasks in manufacturing.

“Advances in black box AI algorithms for text and image generation have garnered a great deal of press lately, with some companies exploring their use within industrial automation,” said Jared Glover, CEO of CapSen Robotics. “Safety and reliability requirements in manufacturing require a more structured approach, however, so while CapSen PiC 2.0 leverages AI tools to improve its 3D vision and motion planning algorithms, it does so within a constrained framework that provides the user control and peace of mind that the robot will work exactly as programmed, every time.”

Repurpose Your Robot in a Day

CapSen PiC 2.0 is a hardware-agnostic platform. Its advanced motion planning algorithms ensure collision avoidance while enabling fast and accurate parts picking, regrasping, and advanced tasks such as detangling and assembly of shiny metal objects, such as bolts, springs, and washers. To ensure that the robot operates as intended with every cycle, CapSen Robotics also provides a new user-friendly UI for setup (including part teaching, configuration, and calibration), deployment, running, and debugging. With enhanced programmable AI capabilities and a powerful new UI, CapSen PiC 2.0 is designed for modern manufacturing and warehouse applications that require flexibility.

“Automation applications today often need to quickly adapt to new or custom parts or products, and CapSen PiC 2.0 addresses this by offering an easy-to-use means to deploy accurate and reliable high-mix, low-volume pick-and-place applications,” said Glover. “When the need arises, companies can repurpose their bin-picking robot to accommodate a new part or product within a day.”

Debuting at Automate 2024

CapSen PiC 2.0 debuts at Automate 2024 in Chicago from May 6–9 as part of the Pittsburgh Robotics Network space in Booth 3663. Learn more about CapSen Robotics or schedule a meeting or demonstration.



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Consumer Reports applauded the USDA today for issuing a final rule that declares salmonella an adulterant in breaded stuffed raw chicken products at low levels so that the agency can more effectively respond to foodborne illness outbreaks. CR praised the rule as an important first step needed to address widespread salmonella contamination and is encouraging the agency to adopt additional measures to protect the public from the dangerous bacteria in other chicken products.

“Salmonella contamination in poultry sickens hundreds of thousands of Americans every year,” said Brian Ronholm, director of food policy for Consumer Reports. “The USDA’s new rule on salmonella in breaded and raw chicken products is a historic development in the effort to reduce Salmonella illness rates. This rule should represent just the beginning and will hopefully lead to additional efforts to address Salmonella contamination in other poultry products.”

Breaded raw stuffed chicken products include some chicken cordon bleu and chicken Kiev products found in the freezer section of the grocery store.  These products may appear cooked to consumers but they contain raw chicken and are only heat-treated by manufacturers to set the batter or breading.

Under the new rule announced today, breaded and stuffed raw chicken products would be considered adulterated if they tested positive for Salmonella at 1 colony forming unit (CFU) per gram prior to stuffing and breading.  The adulterated designation would require companies to recall any product that tests positive above this low level of contamination, instead of waiting for outbreaks when people get sick.

Salmonella is widespread in chicken in part because of the often crowded and filthy conditions in which they are raised. A 2022 CR investigation, for example, found almost one-third of ground chicken samples tested contained salmonella.  Nearly 1.35 million Americans get sick from salmonella every year, about one-fifth of those cases come from chicken or turkey.

While the USDA requires producers to test poultry for salmonella, a processing facility is allowed to have the bacteria in up to 9.8 percent of all whole birds it tests, 15.4 percent of all parts, and 25 percent of ground chicken. Producers that exceed these amounts are given what amounts to a warning, but not prevented from selling the meat.

Consumer Reports has called on the USDA to set more aggressive goals to sharply reduce the percentage of chicken samples allowed to test positive for salmonella and to focus on reducing the salmonella strains that pose the biggest threat to human health. CR also believes the USDA needs more authority to inspect poultry plants and should close facilities immediately when high salmonella rates are found.



April 26, 2024 – Toronto, Ontario Lactalis Canada – the Canadian dairy leader behind iconic brands like Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, Balderson, Astro and Lactantia and a subsidiary of France-based Lactalis Group – is pleased to announce the promotion of Martin Santerre to the position of Senior Vice President of Industrial, effective May 1, 2024. In this position, Martin will have total oversight of Lactalis Canada’s 20 manufacturing facilities for cheese and tablespreads, yogourt and cultured, fluid and dessert across Canada.

“Martin has continuously demonstrated exceptional leadership and a deep understanding of our manufacturing processes, making him a natural fit to be at the helm of Lactalis Canada’s industrial operations as we further strengthen our manufacturing capabilities to deliver on our long-term goals,” said Mark Taylor, President & CEO, Lactalis Canada. 

“At Lactalis Canada, we take incredible pride in the craftmanship of our high-quality, nutritious and tasty products that Canadians know and love,” said Martin Santerre, Senior Vice President of Industrial. “In my new role, I look forward to leveraging the skills and passion of Lactalis Canada’s entire industrial team to continue to drive innovation and excellence in our operations, steering us towards even greater success.”

With significant industrial experience, Martin joined Lactalis Canada in 2017 in the role of Vice President, Manufacturing – Dairy Food Group (DFG) focused on cheese and tablespreads. Prior to this, Martin held multiple senior industrial roles at Hood Packaging and Agropur including Vice President, Manufacturing and Procurement – Fluid Division and Vice President, Manufacturing and Technical Services – Fine Cheese Division & Groupo La Lacteo Argentina.

Martin replaces Franck Lallemand who will be taking on a new role as Senior Vice President of Industrial Projects before moving back to join Lactalis France in October 2024, while Ronan Lostanlen will join Lactalis Canada effective July 1, 2024, as Lactalis Canada’s new Vice President, Manufacturing – DFG.



VANCOUVER, B.C., April 25, 2024 -- Great Little Box Company Ltd./Ideon Packaging (GLBC) announced today that it has won Bronze in the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) 31st Annual Gold Leaf Awards. Judged on design, execution and level of difficulty, this annual award competition consistently draws entries from around the world and is committed to gaining visibility throughout the graphic arts community at large. With over 53 categories, the competition celebrates the quality, added value, shelf presence, security, and brand recognition that these finishing processes lend to the printed sheet.

GLBC won Bronze in the Best Use of Foil/Embossing- Label, Digitally printed category for the Enrico Winery – Célébration Charme de L’Île Label. This label  was printed on the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press and AB Graphic International Digicon Series 3 Label Converting machine which features the 50T hot foil and emboss unit called the “Big Foot”.



BRAMPTON, ONTARIO (Apr. 26, 2024) Dawn Foods, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients, is pleased to announce its participation in The Bakery Showcase, taking place on May 5-6, 2024, at the Toronto Congress Centre and sponsorship of the ‘My Canada’ cake competition. Attendees are invited to visit Dawn Foods at booth #617 to explore bakery solutions designed to meet consumer needs through innovative and elevated applications.

"We're thrilled to showcase Dawn’s latest bakery innovations and demonstrate our commitment to providing valuable solutions that address our customers’ needs and help their business grow,” said Ken Weir, Marketing Director of Canada for Dawn Foods. "Our high-quality ingredients help streamline bakery processes and provide even more ways for bakers to provide unique offerings for their customers."

At the heart of the Dawn Foods booth will be a celebration of all things cake, featuring five versatile cake mixes and bases promising easy preparation, exceptional performance, and endless creative possibilities. From the indulgent Dawn® Crème Cake Mix and new Dawn Exceptional® Sponge Cake Base to cleaner label bakery ingredients with no artificial flavours or colours, each Dawn product is crafted to inspire innovation in bakeries of all sizes.

Additionally, an array of bite-sized desserts, European-style pastries, and culturally relevant cakes that capture the latest trends in baking will be also on display. Dawn’s Crème Cake Station will feature an assortment of fillings and icings and the Dawn Donut Bar will offer a variety of cake and yeast-raised donuts for sampling throughout the show.

In addition to its booth presence, Dawn has partnered with the Baking Association of Canada for the ‘My Canada’ cake competition. This unique competition will test and showcase the skills of baking and pastry students from Ontario college baking and pastry programs. Students will craft cakes ahead of the competition that will be on display throughout the event. Austin D'Souza, Business Development Manager at Dawn Foods, will join an esteemed judging panel to evaluate competitor creations.

"Dawn is honored to partner with the Bakery Association of Canada to showcase the incredible creativity of the next generation of bakers,” said D’Souza. “By providing baking and pastry students with a platform to showcase their skills, receive valuable feedback, and forge connections within the industry, we're not just investing in their futures, but in the future of the next generation of industry leaders.”

The winner of the ‘My Canada’ cake competition, including the People's Choice Award, will be announced during an awards ceremony on Monday, May 6, at 11:00 am.

For more information about partnering with Dawn Foods and its innovative baking solutions, visit booth #617 at The Bakery Showcase in Toronto or visit


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