Glen Arm, MD (April 30, 2020)— As a leading global provider of innovative solutions to the corrugated industry, SUN Automation Group® remains fully operational, offering on-site, remote and online diagnostic, repairs, surveys, assessments, troubleshooting and more for Latitude Machinery Corporation (LMC) equipment, SUN/Langston equipment and other OEMs machinery to support its customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

As SUN and the rest of the corrugated industry continues to face tremendous challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis, SUN is providing customers with all the support they need, without interruption and with no service plan needed. This commitment to service enables customers to stay supported and run optimally during this critical time when box-making plants are pushed to capacity and the supply chain faces ongoing challenges.

When on-site support is required, SUN’s expert technicians are fully prepared with all necessary personal protective equipment like masks and gloves when the customer requests it and follow rigorous protocols including frequent hand-washing, personal hand sanitizer use, and by utilizing social distancing measures when appropriate. In addition to our own safety measures, all SUN field service technicians are willing and prepared to follow each customer facilities’ safety protocols.

“Our customers are under uncommon production pressures and staffing challenges during these difficult times,” says Greg Jones, Executive Vice President, SUN Automation Group. “We remain more committed than ever to providing them the uninterrupted service and support they demand and deserve,” says Jones.

With a growing staff of service and support technicians around the world, SUN continues to shine, even when so much of the world goes dark. To contact SUN Automation Group day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, please visit


April 30, 2020

The automatic clipper from Poly-clip System features the legendary iris separator for short, symmetrical sausage shoulders. That results in more slices per sausage, thus a bigger yield. In this class the ICA is the specialist for air-free slack filling of moulded products with overspreading up to 300 mm in proven Poly-clip quality. Ham products that are cooked in a square form using the cook-in principle can be securely clipped.

Benefit from the tried and tested double-clipper for large sausages and moulded products. The ICA can process full muscle slicing stock in both plastic and fibrous casings in diameters up to 200 mm.

Extra production increase can be achieved with the IFC interface for communication between a specific vacuum filler and the double-clipper. This allows you production safety and additional increases of up to 10 %. The ICA offers the automatic central lubrication and you can rely on the accomplishment of this important task. No product smearing, because we offer you a swivel brake with a crown filling horn, for high product quality with very good cost-effectiveness. The ICA’s flexible PC control SAFETY TOUCH corresponds to the very latest state-of-the-art standards. Simplify operation, reduce operating mistakes and make product changes even faster – the machine settings can be saved as product parameters.

Profit from continuous production when ICA is combined with TSA, processing rolls of film up to 3,000 m instead of shirred casings and freeing workers to focus on higher value work.

Poly-clip System is the world’s leading manufacturer of clip closure solutions and stands for ‘Excellence in Clipping’. With a market share of over 50 % the company is the world market leader. Poly-clip is known around the world wherever sausages are involved. The history of the German family firm, based in Hattersheim near Frankfurt am Main, stretches back as far as 1922. To date we own more than 800 patents, a fact which underlines our global technology leadership. With an export rate of almost 90 % our clip closure solutions are in use around the world. Nowadays you will find a Poly-clip System FCA or ICA automatic double-clipper (sausage clipper) in nearly every industrial meat processing plant. The clipping machines, whether manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, are symbolic not only of the humanisation, but also of the rationalisation, of sausage production.


BCFB Wage Survey H 800w

OPEN UNTIL WEDNESDAY, JULY 15 for $250. Survey mustbe completed and returned to us by FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th.


With over 65 benchmark positions, BC Food & Beverage has the most comprehensive information available for the food processing industry. Information includes ranges, 25th, 50thand 75thpercentiles for base and total compensation as well as target and actual bonus information. In addition to compensation, the survey alsoprovides information turnover, training expenditures and overtime hours.

Take advantage of great savings by participating this year and purchasing the survey for the participant rate of $250! This is well below comparative surveys for other industry associations as well as general surveys issued by compensation firms. The survey will be published in September 2020 and available for $1,000 for those who elect not to undertake the survey itself.

Register now (up to July 15th) to participate in this survey. Completed surveys must be returned by Friday, August 14th.

Thank you for participating in this survey, representing food and beverage manufacturing - BC's largest manufacturing sector!

Participation in the 2020 survey will entitle you to receive the 2019 Benefits results which are taken every 36 months.

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April 23, 2020

The 3DLevelScanner also known as the 3D Solids Scanner uses acoustics-based technology. Three transducers send very low frequency sound waves to the material surface. The sensor receives echoes back from multiple points on the surface which are converted to distance measurements. A 3D image representing the topography inside the silo indicates buildup, cone up or down conditions. 3DVision software accounts for irregular material surfaces when calculating volume. The 3DLevelScanner’s acoustics-based technology penetrates dust ensuring reliable measurements. The non-contact technology accurately measures solids and powders, including low dielectric materials.And you can get it only from BinMaster. 




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