December 11, 2017

Advances in manufacturing technologies such as cloud computing, increased automation and data exchange are allowing organizations to gain greater visibility of their industrial processes. With Industry 4.0 firmly making its mark within the manufacturing industry, the availability of smaller and more powerful sensors, in combination with high-speed network connectivity, has made it increasingly possible to gather, transmit and interpret data in real-time. This has led to the creation of smarter factories with improved productivity.

Known for its innovative, award-winning solutions, METTLER-TOLEDO Safeline continues to develop new technologies that support Industry 4.0. The company has recently introduced a new set of features to its Profile metal detectors, including the ability to mirror the metal detector's interface remotely, known as Emulation.

Using a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) client, Emulation allows operators to mirror the interface of one or multiple in-line metal detectors onto networked devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops and other industrial equipment. This approach is an extremely flexible method of data display, delivering productivity benefits through improved access to data remotely, as well as delivering safety benefits by reducing the need for line operators to access the metal detector directly, which are often installed in hazardous or inaccessible locations.

Innovative Emulation technology is also linked with METTLER-TOLEDO Product Inspection's data management software, Prodx, which automatically collects critical inspection process data in one convenient location, significantly reducing the need to interact directly with critical control points (CCPs). ProdX also facilitates faster set-up between production batches and is able to convey advance warnings generated by product inspection devices of adverse trends that may lead to downtime and threaten the efficiency of the production line. Together, the two technologies make processes more streamlined, more accessible and more efficient.

Head of Sales at METTLER-TOLEDO Safeline Mike Bradley explains how Emulation can be used in a factory setting: "In the first instance, a free of charge application is downloaded which links directly to a metal detector. This means designated personnel can remotely monitor the current status of the device by logging in from an office, or even another site if the supporting infrastructure is in place."

"Using Emulation, it is possible to view any setting changes that have been made to the metal detector, and to review access log statistics without having to be directly in front of the machine. It’s even possible to control the metal detector from the remote device"

Bradley adds. Bradley continues: "There are many important benefits to such an approach. First and foremost, it improves safety in factory environments. Often, metal detectors are installed in inaccessible places. By enabling operators to view the Human Machine Interface (HMI) remotely, production workers can gain access to metal detector data in more convenient settings, often reducing the requirement to climb a ladder or work at height to access the control panel."

Productivity Benefits

Remote operation of metal detectors means plant operatives can run performance monitoring routines or adjust settings for product changeovers in a more timely manner.

With ProdX, manufacturers can streamline, speed up or eliminate set-up times between production batches which can reduce downtime. Both features can be a valuable boost to plant efficiency.

Bradley concludes, "Ultimately, the improved data-sharing capabilities of metal detection equipment is helping to underpin the emergence of smarter, more connected factories, enabling the ‘top-floor to shop-floor’ monitoring of assets."

As we move towards the increasing adoption of Industry 4.0 principles and the ushering in of the fourth industrial revolution, similar digital developments will undoubtedly come to the fore.

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ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- For the sixth consecutive year, food expert Mareya Ibrahim serves up the top eight healthy food and beverage trends to try in 2018.

By the time fresh produce arrives on your plate, it has lost a ton of nutrients - up to 77 percent of Vitamin C within just a week of harvesting, according to the University of California, Davis.1  Look for a new crop of "living" produce sold with the roots on for heightened freshness and prolonged shelf life, lasting up to 18 days as compared to an average 3-5 days for your typical bagged salad.

Probiotics are already BIG, with gut health-boosting, bacteria-rich foods like kimchee, kefir and craft kombucha growing in popularity. In 2018, the focus will shift to PREbiotics.  Think of them as the fertilizer that helps your good bacteria grow. Look for prebiotic fiber powders containing ingredients like Jerusalem artichoke, inulin, acacia, and chicory root, and try products like boosted MCT oil to get your daily dose.

Paleo diets put protein on a pedestal, and now, collagen is getting its turn in the spotlight.  Think of it as the "glue" for your hair, skin, nails, bones, tendons and ligaments, with a full spectrum of action-packed amino acids. Shoppers are looking for their fountain of youth in the form of flavored bone broth powders, heat-and-sip organic beverages and collagen protein at your local smoothie bar.

You used to buy basics like flour, peanut butter, sugar, water, milk, coffee and bread, but in 2018, look for products that are pumped up with multiple nutrient boosting add-ons, including antioxidants such as Camu Camu, Sacha Inchi Seed and Baobab, plant-based Omega 3's like flax meal, chia seeds and hemp seed, antioxidant herbs like turmeric, clove and cinnamon, plant-based protein and activated charcoal.

Trying to find more caffeine free zen in your cup?  Look for coffee alternatives made from brain-boosting mushrooms and herbs like dandelion root.  You'll also see loose teas that are brewed like coffee with Mokapots, and ground roasted cocoa beans for your Aeropress and pour-over cones.   

6) HOT SH*T!
Inspired by YouTube eating contests, get ready to torch your taste buds with spices like ginger, black pepper and clove that add sweet heat to desserts, beverages and liqueurs. Peppers like Carolina Reaper – at over 2 Million SHUs – will light up the obvious hot sauces and also make its way into snacks, drinks and chocolate. 

Tiny but mighty, tart cherries have one of the highest ORAC scores, with a mega boost of anthocyanins to battle free radicals and repair cell damage.  Tart cherry is also known to reduce pain and inflammation, and is a natural source of sleep-inducing melatonin. Find it fresh, frozen, dried, chocolate covered, juiced and in concentrated powders, or try it in gourmet jams and pastries. 

Taking over where fried calamari and jalapeno poppers once reigned as a shareable appe-teaser, cancer-fighting Shishito peppers are full of active capsaicin and antioxidants.  Just toss with a little coconut oil and roast or grill on a flat top until soft and blistery, add a dash of smoked sea salt, then pop the whole thing into your mouth (removing the stem).

Mareya Ibrahim, aka The Fit Foodie is an award-winning entrepreneur, chef, author, patented inventor and 25+ year food industry veteran.  She is the founder and CEO of Grow Green Industries, Inc., the makers of the patented eatCleaner product line. (,


METTLER TOLEDO Delivers New Five-Year Warranty on X-Ray Generator​

To verify the quality and reliability of its generators and give food and pharmaceutical manufacturers additional confidence that their investment is fully protected, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline is offering an industry-first - five-year generator warranty with all X-Series systems purchased with either a Standard or Comprehensive Care Package*.

X-ray technology has become critical in providing product safety and quality assurance worldwide, and to ensure continuous productivity and accurate, consistent results, regular maintenance, performance testing and replacement parts are essential.

The x-ray generator is not only the 'heart' of the system but also the most expensive component, which is why service contracts are so important.

METTLER TOLEDO generators typically come with 30 months' warranty, however by purchasing an x-ray system from the X-Series range, customers can benefit from market-leading generator warranty, which covers replacement wear and spare parts, labor and annual performance tests. Mettler-Toledo offers three distinct Care Packages - Basic Care, Standard Care and Comprehensive Care. All three packages include:

1. Preventive maintenance which covers:

  • Cleaning and inspection of all mechanical components,
  • Testing and inspection of electronic components, and
  • Inspection for wear and damage.

2. Equipment operational testing is performed to identify and diagnose equipment problems and to confirm repair measures have been effective, and also to meet compliance with GFSI standards.

3. Full radiation survey to ensure operational safety.

Standard Care also safeguards against unexpected repair labor costs and includes access to a technical hotline, providing fast and efficient help for operational and set-up problems. Furthermore, Comprehensive Care allows customers to have full budget control by including repair labor coverage in the event of equipment breakdown and replacement parts coverage.

The five-year generator warranty, is designed to help manufacturers:

  • Increase output and profitability by enhancing uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Minimize long-term impacts on the x-ray system by identifying defects that could potentially cause a sudden breakdown in the future
  • Avoid unexpected and costly downtime and repairs by ensuring equipment continues to operate at peak performance
  • Maximize equipment lifetime and return on investment by avoiding the impact of wear and tear
  • Comply with regulatory demands
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by increasing the reliability and longevity of the x-ray system

*Five-year warranty is not available with the Basic Care Package.

Find more information about the five-year warranty.


Please see the attached news release and accompanying image from Mettler Toledo about its 2 new guides: 1 for food manufacturing productivity, 1 for regulatory compliance. The guides address manufacturers' concerns about both efficiency and regulations in their food weighing and processing solutions.

For further information, please contact:

Melissa Braithwaite
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Free Guides Help To Increase Food-Manufacturing Productivity and Compliance

Food-production processes must comply with regulations to avoid recalls and reputational damage, but they must also be efficient to protect profits. METTLER TOLEDO has developed 2 new food guides to help ensure manufacturers' weighing and processing solutions do both.

Over the years, regulatory requirements have evolved to reflect consumers’ desires for safe food. While manufacturers work to keep up with these changes, they must also continually optimize their equipment and processes to remain profitable.

METTLER TOLEDO’s new food guides will help manufacturers improve their understanding of food-safety standards and introduce them to processing equipment and solutions that can help operations become more efficient:

The Food Productivity Guide focuses on tangible process improvements and increased manufacturing efficiency. It contains 16 areas where concepts, such as high-speed checkweighing, foreign-body detection or advanced batch control, can help ensure quality while simultaneously reducing processing time.

The Food Compliance Guide offers guidance for quality managers so they can fulfill food-safety and quality standards without harming production capacity. This guide shows how weighing and foreign-body solutions help to stay or become compliant to global food safety standards, such as BRC, IFS or SQF.

Get started meeting your compliance and productivity goals with up-to-date weighing, processing and data-management techniques:


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