Vancouver, BC – May 5th, 2021 – Fresh Direct Produce Ltd. (“Fresh Direct”), and its partner companies Mike & Mike’s Organics, Islands West Manufacturers, and Emperor Specialty Foods are honoured to be one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies over the past decade. This prestigious national award is sponsored by CIBC, Deloitte Private, Canadian Business, Smith School of Business, and TMX Group.

“Our Team is honoured to receive its tenth consecutive Best Managed Companies Award. We are celebrating our 18th anniversary with exceptional growth and business development across Western and Central Canada. Our teams persevered during this pandemic in continuing to provide nutritious and healthy produce to millions of Canadians daily and increased our support to our communities where we serve. We continue to provide financial and in-kind donations to the Food Banks and various local community groups to support the most vulnerable population.” says President and CEO Davis Yung.

The Fresh Direct Produce Group is one of Canada’s premier fresh produce importers, wholesalers, and marketers with distribution centres in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Sourcing and importing over 1,500 ethnic, organic, and conventional fruit and vegetable items from 36 countries, Fresh Direct distributes quality produce to grocery retailers and foodservice distributors across Canada. The Group’s commitment to growth and development allows them to attract and align with the best growers, customers, and talents in the industry.

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BinCloud® takes your inventory in bins, tanks, or silos and organizes it in one simple software.  It does away with climbing vessels, manual measurements, and spreadsheets. Instead, get one log in to view current levels, place orders, and generate reports. New features in BinCloud® make inventory management increasingly easier, intuitive, and convenient.

PropaneView™ enables LNG and NH3 tank monitoring. Any entity buying or selling liquid commodities can remotely monitor liquid propane, anhydrous ammonia, or other liquid tanks using R3D sensors using API integration with Tank Utility software.

Plants using pressurized vessels in industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and oil and fuel can used BinCloud® to monitor tank pressure. CRUD functionality allows users create, read, update, and delete readings from pressurized tanks.

CementView™ can be used to manage truckload deliveries. User can create trucks and program the volume of material they hold. Drivers and dispatchers can easily determine how many trucks of material are needed and optimize schedules and prevent overfilling.

BinCloud® SaaS integrated ordering lets you create and place orders by site, vendor, vessels, material, and amount. Vendors and the materials they provide are set up in the user interface and orders are placed directly from the software. View order history by vendor, material, delivery date, and more.

Units of measurements can be set to metric measurements. View inventory data in either English (imperial) or metric units, whichever is your company’s or country’s standard unit of measurement.

BinCloud® stores data securely for report generation. You can export historical measurement data by a specific data range. Choose the columns of data you want and export reports to MS Excel.


Baking Industry Leaders Collaborate to Automate Single-Serve Desserts

Looking for a new way to prepare single-serve desserts at your bakery?

Apex Motion Control and Unifiller have collaborated to create the perfect autonomous workstation for the production of single-serve desserts like muffins. By combining Unifiller’s MultiStation Depositor with Apex’s Baker-Bot, these two machines are able to load pans onto a conveyor, deposit batter, then move pans back onto a rack without any stress.

To make this possible, Apex’s Baker-Bot first grabs a pan from a sheet pan rack or a stack of trays, then this cobot loads it onto the MultiStation Depositor’s conveyor belt. Unifiller’s MultiStation system then uses auto-conveyor height detection to raise the conveyor belt as needed, so the batter can be accurately deposited into the tray. Once the pan is filled with batter, the Baker-Bot then grabs that tray, and depending on your setup, it either places it back into the sheet pan rack where it came from, or it places the pan onto a separate rack. This unique collaboration allows bakers to automate this tedious part of the single-serve dessert production process, which gives employees the necessary free time to focus on other valuable tasks.


A new province-wide workforce development initiative for Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry that will connect job seekers with employers.

Now more than ever, we all understand how important Ontario’s food and beverage sector is to our health and wellbeing. 

As demand for food — especially food from here in Ontario — continues to grow, so does the availability of rewarding and diverse jobs in the food and beverage processing industry.

Are you a student starting your career, or interested in connecting with a mentor?

Taste Your Future provides access to resources, mentorship and career fairs to individuals looking for rewarding careers in the food and beverage industry. 

Get started by visiting Taste Your Future

Are you looking for a great job in food manufacturing?

Frontline Food Facts provides free basic skills training and hosts job fairs for individuals looking for secure work as an essential frontline food worker.

Get started by visiting Frontline Food Facts



SASKATOON, CANADA (NEWSWIREAPRIL 21, 2021 -- Regarded as one of North America’s leading innovators in the manufacture of plant-based ingredients for the nutritional supplement industry, KeyLeaf continues to push the boundaries of research, leveraging proprietary extraction technologies, isolating key compounds, and molecules, and developing and commercializing new products and applications for the burgeoning natural dietary supplements sector.  

“With more than four decades experience as a contract processor for plant-derived bioactive compounds, KeyLeaf has been a longtime and dependable resource for supplement makers throughout the world,” said Justin White, KeyLeaf’s Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development. 

“Our experience working with many thousands of plant compounds, our ability to use aqueous extraction for clean label processing, and our ability to properly scale from product concept to any batch size enables KeyLeaf to meet or exceed customer needs and specifications, giving them a competitive edge in the increasingly crowded natural supplements market. 

KeyLeaf was one of the first major processing facilities in North America to solve the challenges involved in extracting and fractionating fish oil and algal oil for use by the dietary supplement industry. “Acquired from our many years of working with canola and soy, our expertise in oil extraction and downstream processing was not only applied to the processing of marine oils but also the processing of fat-soluble vitamins and the extraction of high-value, highly concentrated ingredients for herbal supplement makers,” said White.

Some of the many innovative bioactive compounds that KeyLeaf has produced for clients and partners include: 

  • Marine oils; fish and algal – Removal of fatty acids with no nutritional value, the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, adjustments of concentration and ratio of DHA and EPA, filtering of POPs (persistent organic pollutants). KeyLeaf is an expert in omega-3 processing and well known for its ability to provide scalability and the lowest cost solutions for production.   
  • Fat-soluble vitamins - Fractionation, concentration, and purification of vitamin E & vitamin D 
  • MCTs (coconut oil/palm oil)- Purification and concentration of medium-chain triglycerides (fatty acids) for use in sports nutrition products.
  • Herbs - Aqueous extraction and purification of Saw Palmetto, St. John’s Wort, Sea Buckthorn, Red Dogwood, Echinacea, Evening primrose, Moringa Leaf, Noni seeds, Yerba Monte, Borage, Willowherb, and many others.
  • Specialty bioactives – including spirulina, and bee propolis processing.


KeyLeaf’s Canadian facility in Saskatchewan is Natural Health Product (NHP) Licensed, and the plant in Batavia, Illinois complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in Food Processing per 21 CFR Part 110/117.

“We invite start-ups and dietary supplement makers large and small to reach out to us for a feasibility consultation to explore options for their projects,” said White.


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