Herndon, VA; January 10 – PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, announces the return of PACK EXPO East 2024 (March 18-20, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia) this spring. PACK EXPO East 2024, the leading show on the East Coast for packaging and processing professionals, helps attendees identify new technologies, meet key partners, and see innovation in action. PACK EXPO East will bring together 7,000 industry professionals and more than 400 exhibitors spread out over 100,000+ net square feet of space, making it the largest show to date.

“PACK EXPO East brings unparalleled value to manufacturers in this region and beyond. This show provides attendees an up-close view of the latest packaging and processing solutions, an opportunity to make new connections, and personalized help for their biggest manufacturing needs,” says Jim Pittas, president and CEO, PMMI. “PACK EXPO East’s convenient location makes it a must-attend event for packaging and processing professionals in the region seeking to improve and grow their operations.”

The show floor will feature hundreds of solutions that address the trends and challenges driving over 40 vertical markets, including food and beverage, life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical device, cosmetics and personal care, industrial and household chemical, and many others.

Previous PACK EXPO East attendees attest to the comprehensive solutions, educational opportunities, and networking found on the show floor.

“PACK EXPO East makes it so much easier to connect in person and see the machinery that you are interested in investing in. There is such a wide range of exhibitors here serving almost all industries I can think of that you are bound to find the solution you are looking for. The educational opportunities available are an amazing bonus to an already irreplaceable show,” says Jesse Gracey, production equipment manager, Allen Distribution.

“PACK EXPO East has a lot to offer. I wanted to find flow wrap and bagging machines for my business but there was so much more that I discovered that I didn't realize I could potentially use in my facility. This has definitely been an invaluable networking experience,” says Patricia Verderame, owner, Maven Foods.

Businesses of all sizes and backgrounds have found the show useful.

“As a new business owner, I needed innovations that can help streamline my production. It was hard to see machinery and connect with professionals online, so I decided to come to PACK EXPO East. Initially, I came to find automated shrink wrap equipment but what I found was so much more,” says Karen Armstrong, owner and president, LCI Paper Co.

The show also will feature the Reusable Packaging Pavilion, sponsored by the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA),presenting sustainable packaging solutions to help reduce waste, cut costs, and gain supply chain efficiency. The Association Partner Pavilionwill house leading associations dedicated to advancing the packaging and processing industry and offering significant resources, insights, and expertise in one central location. Participating associations include the RPA, Institute of Packaging Professionals, Contract Packaging Association, Flexible Packaging Association, OMAC – Organization for Machine Automation and Control, and the Foundation for Supply Chain Solutions (F4SS) with more being added.

Free educational opportunities are abundant at this year’s show, including new and popular show features. New to PACK EXPO East is Industry Speaks (Booth 1653), whereexperts from the PACK EXPO Partner Program, covering multiple industry verticals, will address hot topics and industry trends. In the center of the action, the Innovation Stage (Booth 1153) offers opportunities for professional enrichment where exhibitors present free, 30-minute seminars throughout the day. Attendees can learn about breakthrough technologies, innovative applications, and proven approaches from the experts themselves.

Registered attendees can look forward to many networking opportunities after the show floor closes for the day. The PACK EXPO East “A Taste of Philly” opening reception on Monday, March 18, kicks things off with some of the best small bites and beverages the city has to offer. The Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) networking reception, sponsored by ID Technology and Morrison Container Handling Solutions, will take place on Tuesday, March 19. Emerging professionals in packaging and processing can unwind with their peers at the Young Professionals Network’s (YPN) free networking reception. Learn more about the industry and how to get involved with YPN on Monday, March 18, at SPIN Philadelphia.

Attendees can plan their visit before the show by utilizing the My Show Planner feature to identify and map out exhibitors to visit, search for educational sessions, and more. The PACK EXPO East show app will be available in mid-February and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store to help navigate the show floor and easily locate exhibitors while at the show.

Just a drive or train trip away for most of the East Coast, no other regional event will offer such a wide range of state-of-the-art packaging and processing solutions as PACK EXPO East. For more information and to register, visit



Atlanta, GA – January 9, 2024 - The labeling industry is undergoing exciting changes in 2024. According to GENflex Labeling Solutions, a leading manufacturer of labels here’s what we can expect from the industry this year:

Growth. The industry is growing at 4 percent annually. Smithers, a market research company, estimates that the global label market was worth $39 billion in 2018. In 2024, that will top $40 billion.

Eco-friendly materials. The labeling industry is becoming more conscious of its environmental impact and is adopting more sustainable practices and materials. Labels will be made from more recycled or biodegradable materials and still provide necessary durability and performance. The industry will also further reduce waste and energy consumption in the production process.

Interactivity. Expect more labels to have interactive features such as QR codes that enable consumers to access more information about a product, the manufacturer, and how to use the product. These features will enhance the consumer experience and improve customer loyalty.

Smart Labels. Labels will become smarter in 2024. They will be able to communicate with manufacturers and distributors throughout the supply chain. This will be accomplished using technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This technology will help monitor product location and provide real-time data, improving efficiency, quality, and the safety of products.

System Integration. With the evolution of smart labels, labels will increasingly integrate with various systems, such as inventory management, warehouse automation, and e-commerce platforms. This will improve the distribution of products and make data available across the supply chain.

Digital Printing. Digital printing offers many advantages over conventional printing methods, such as faster turnaround time, lower cost, higher quality, and customization. Digital printing will become more popular and accessible in 2024 as the demand for personalization of product labels increases.

"In 2024, we can expect many changes in the labeling industry,” says Kevin Florence, President and CEO of General Paper Goods Company and GENflex Labeling Solutions.

"But one thing that is not expected to change is the sales power of well-designed and high-quality labels. Labels sell products, and this has been one of their main purposes since the beginning."



Cheese and dairy products are enjoyed around the world, and global demand continues to grow. As cheese and dairy manufacturers strive to keep up with consumer demand, improving production efficiency while maintaining or enhancing product quality are paramount. 

To meet the demand for more high-quality products, dairy processors need the right equipment. To best serve these operations, BAK Food Equipment maintains a vast portfolio of high-quality dairy processing solutions from Nowicki and N&N Nadratowski. 

You can find reliability, efficiency, and superior product quality in BAK Food Equipment’s lineup of bowl choppers/cutters, grinders, ice machines, mixers, tumblers, and washing equipment

Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone piece of dairy processing equipment or a full, state-of-the-art production line, BAK Food Equipment’s engineering team works with you from initial consultation through design and specification to ensure you have the right food processing equipment at the best value. Contact us to discuss your equipment needs and schedule a consultation.



Roseville, CA Heron Innovators, a pioneer in water treatment technologies, is driving the industry forward with its advanced Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) system, setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness in solid/liquid separation in the food, dairy and animal products industries. SAF® has consistently demonstrated superior performance compared to conventional flotation separation techniques in removing suspended solids from screened raw wastewater and thickening of the recovered solids.

Not only does Suspended Air® Flotation enhance separation efficiency, resulting in cleaner effluent and drier skimmed solids, it also significantly reduces operating costs through lower energy consumption, decreased flocculant and coagulant usage, and reduced operator attention and maintenance requirements. Moreover, SAF® systems occupy a smaller footprint while increasing hydraulic flow and solids loading capacities.

Heron Innovators has been building and installing Suspended Air® Flotation systems across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada for twenty-five years, for a wide range of industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment applications. These SAF® systems have consistently outperformed traditional flotation methods, including Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Cavitation Air Flotation (CAF), Induced Air Flotation (IAF), Induced Gas Flotation (IGF), and traditional microbubble technologies. SAF® systems consistently achieve reductions of TSS by greater than 98% and of BOD by 30% to 80%.

SAF® achieves this superior performance by utilizing charged microbubbles, known as aphrons, that do not dissolve. An aphron is a double-walled bubble, 7-25 µm in size, that will not coalesce and has a significantly greater surface area and longer lifespan than traditional DAF bubbles. Aphrons can possess either a cationic or anionic charge. This electrostatic affinity and the resulting surface tension advantage allow aphrons to effectively adhere to, attract, and encapsulate contaminant particles.

Heron Innovators offers custom designed systems that are plumbed, wired, and tested with flotation and ancillary equipment all on a single skid. This plug-and-play design minimizes installation time and costs normally associated with field integration of pumps, pH control, chemical feed, and other associated equipment.

The SAF® system installations are custom fabricated from type 304 stainless steel. Standard system features include a Suspended Air® Generator, ClearMixer®, ClearFloater® (flotation cell), serpentine-style floc mixer, influent flow meter and process control panel. If needed, coagulant metering pump, polymer dilution system, chemical staging, pH sensor/controller and acid/base metering pumps can be supplied as options.

SAF® systems are available in sizes ranging from 50 gallons per minute (gpm) to greater than 8,000 gpm. Smaller flows can be treated by batch processing. Skid-mounted systems are available with capacities from 50 gpm to 2,800 gpm.

For more information about Heron Innovators and the SAF® system, visit



West Chester, OH – January 2nd, 2024E Tech Group, a leader in providing high-quality automation, control, and engineering services for industrial clients and Gold Certified Rockwell Automation Partner, today announced that the brand formerly known as E-Volve Systems has now been renamed as E Tech Group.

Effective immediately, the brand formerly known as E-Volve Systems will operate under the name E Tech Group, unifying the two entities under one market-leading brand.  The transition to the new name will be seamless for clients and partners. All existing commitments remain in place, ensuring continuity and stability.

“We’ve gained the ability to market and deliver large scale projects that may not have been available to us prior to the acquisition due to our size,” said Kevin Stout, previous E-Volve Systems founder and president and current vice president at E Tech Group. “We’ve also gained a tremendous network of team members whose skillsets seem to be limitless.”

E Tech Group's acquisition of E-Volve Systems was finalized on February 23, 2023. This strategic move allowed E Tech Group to significantly expand its range of services, thereby enhancing the overall value offered to its clients. The acquisition was a step towards integrating complementary strengths, consolidating market presence, and fostering innovation in service delivery.

“The name change at this time is a formality as E-Volve Systems has been a part of the E Tech Group since late February 2023,” said Matt Wise, Chief Executive Officer of E Tech Group.  “Their contributions have positioned E Tech Group to elevate its service offerings and reach with the added benefit of resources located throughout North America as well as a broader suite of services, allowing us to automate every facet of a facility, from process and discrete automation through cybersecurity and data intelligence services, leveraging a team of over 600 automation specialists.”


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