Orion, MI– December 20, 2023Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), North America’s leader in automation engineering, specializing in cutting-edge autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for warehousing and logistics, advanced material handling, and system integration, today announced that following a successful large-scale automation project, the company has become a Credentialed System Integrator for Ignition by Inductive Automation and has launched a wide-ranging initiative for certification of the engineering staff.

Recognizing the need for digital transformation by AMT’s Engineering Services customer base, the company has launched the 2024 initiative to offer Ignition programming as a core Engineering Services offering. AMT has recently installed successful multi-million-dollar robotic automation systems for clients in several industries which have included software developed with Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform for advanced HMI and SCADA.

"Our Ignition projects have demonstrated the immense potential for data-driven, lean manufacturing, and operational excellence, and has inspired us to integrate Ignition programming as a cornerstone of our 2024 initiative,” said AMT President Craig Salvalaggio. “Our clients valued the power of integrated data to drive lean and smarter manufacturing and achieve operational efficiency and their software engineers were impressed with the ease in which real-time status and control, historical data logging, UDTs & templates, and alarming could be implemented.”

Ignition by Inductive Automation enables comprehensive digital integration in industrial settings, allowing for the connection of multiple devices and extensive data collection. The platform facilitates the creation and deployment of custom applications across a variety of industrial and mobile devices, enhancing operational efficiency.



The 18th annual Canadian Summit on Food Safety, returning to Toronto on April 24-25, 2024, offers an essential platform for the latest insights in food safety.

As the landscape of food safety continues to evolve with new regulations, global market demands, and technological advancements, we recognize the unique challenges you face in your role. this event is pivotal for staying ahead in the industry. 

Building on previous successes, the summit features 31 sessions across two days in a hybrid format, facilitating engagement with over 30 top speakers from the CFIA, Health Canada, and leading companies. It's a key meeting place for sharing innovative ideas, redefining policies, and influencing new regulations, with past attendees from Dr. Oetker, PepsiCo, Nestle, Walmart, and Domino's. This summit is crucial for professionals looking to shape the future of food safety.

Make sure you get the chance to join your industry counterparts for two action-packed days of future-focused innovations. Book now at the exclusive Super Early Bird rate and save $500.



CALGARY, Alberta - Dec. 19, 2023 -  BULLSEYE PACKAGING SERVICES announces their Calgary facility expansion, to take effect as of January 1, 2024.

Bullseye Packaging Services, often referred to as "Bullseye", continues to target clients seeking pre-retail assembly support.  The activities conducted in their facilities include variety pack assembly, bundle wrapping, shrink wrapping, display assembly, kitting, and order fulfillment.

"The purpose of adding approximately 25% more space to our current square footage," explains Stephen Peters, President, "is to keep up with co-packing and storage demands for the growing sectors of liquor, food and beverage, and beyond."

Customer Care Leader, Eira Braun-Labossiere, observes "the possibilities for storage partnerships are vast.  The opportunities are there as long as the product to be stored aligns with our licensing.  We work primarily with pre-manufactured alcohol products, RTDs, packaged food, etc. In addition to liquor and grocery goods, we can also warehouse virtually anything clean and odour-free, such as cosmetics, general merchandise, many kinds of household goods products and the list goes on."

The AGLC License, Excise Warehouse License, Food Handling Permit, and NHP Site License Bullseye maintains are not only necessary when working with their traditional clients, the permits and audits work to the advantage of other types of clients needing a well-ordered storage space.

"It means every client is guaranteed an immaculate warehouse that is highly secure and serviced by professional salaried staff who care," Braun-Labossiere continues.  "Storage requires careful inventory cognizance, and our well-trained experienced staff deliver weekly inventory reports keeping clients up to date on these details.

Current storage needs from Bullseye include holding large print runs of cartons for clients in preparation for assembly and loading projects. They also partner with their clients with short-term product holds intended for alcohol-based variety packs, within AGLC mandates. Bullseye space also allows for parking long-term storage of non-liquor items.

Unique features of the added space afford them a storage/inventory system for pick-and-pack e-commerce fulfillment.

Another attractive feature that the added storage space will provide Bullseye customers is a temperature-sensitive zone.  This area is air-conditioned for storage or re-pack production that prefers cooler-than-ambient temperatures.

For more information about Bullseye Packaging Services' tips on searching for your best storage partner, visit


Below is a 2024 outlook and five considerations for the Food & Beverage sector from Mark Lynch, Partner at Oghma Partners, the corporate finance house. Mark believes that the pressure will mount on consumers as the full impact of increased mortgage costs and record rent rises influence demand while wage growth is expected to be a further challenge. While there have been some signs of easing of interest costs in 2024, these cuts may be relatively modest and back end weighted - therefore unlikely to materially impact the cost of funding in the year.

1) Consumer demand

2023 has seen many food and drink companies report improved earnings on the back of a very tough comparison in 2022; pricing recovery thereafter and an overall positive volume/price mix. There has even been some reduction in costs helping the margin picture. Looking into 2024, we would expect, in the UK at least, the pressure to mount on consumers as the full impact of increased mortgage costs and record rent rises influence demand. This has already been seen in the de-stocking of premium items (like spirits) and reduced volume of consumption across a range of products as well as switching from brand to own-label and away from less cost focused retailers to more value focused offerings and product ranges.

2) Wage/cost growth

Wage growth is expected to be a further challenge in 2024. The minimum wage increases in April by 9.8% - this will put upward pressure across the food sector where a lot of wage costs move in tandem with the minimum wage figure. Currently raw material costs are forecast to be broadly stable or declining with one or two exceptions. Overall, however, we expect a relatively neutral commodity input costs environment in 2024. Management attention is therefore likely to be focused on wage costs and combined with issues around labour availability, we may see a renewed focus on capital investment to reduce labour usage across the manufacturing estate which may, in turn, drive productivity gains across the sector.

3) Funding costs remaining high

Whilst bond markets are beginning to think that the battle against inflation has been won, central bankers appear to be taking a more cautious view. While we might see some signs of easing of interest costs in 2024, these cuts may be relatively modest and back end weighted - therefore unlikely to materially impact the cost of funding in the year.  High rates feed through to equity market ratings for quoted food companies and exit prices for businesses being sold. We do not therefore expect any significant increase in the multiples paid for businesses being exited in 2024 compared to 2023 or 2022.

4) Continued and increasingly fractious trading with the EU

Export friction with the EU is likely to continue in the year however the government has finally committed to introducing reciprocal checks covering health certification and sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) checks on all agri-food products from the EU. These checks will be introduced on a phased basis. This introduction has the potential to increase cost and disrupt supply chains. Ultimately, we think a new Labour government will seek to resolve the issue by rejoining the EU Phytosanitary regime which would be a relief to the UK and EU food industry and highly unlikely to affect any pro-Brexit voters.

5) Plant based foods go bust!

2023 has seen significant upheaval in the plant-based food market with reduced ranges, falling consumption and businesses going bust in the sector. 2024 will likely see the fall-out continue which will allow the category and sector leaders to re-position themselves for growth going forward. A more streamlined offer and a focus on marketing, consumer messaging, pricing and product quality should help re-align the sector with consumer expectations and demands.



Wolfertschwenden/ Ghiloth, 19 December 2023 – After a construction period of less than two years, the MULTIVAC Group has officially opened its new production site in India. Thanks to an investment volume of around nine million euros, the ultra-modern building complex for Sales and Production features a floor space of 10,000 square metres and will go into operation at the beginning of 2024. Initially, around 60 people will be employed at the site. The goal is to optimize supply to customers in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh through regional proximity and shorter delivery times.

The industrial area of Ghiloth, 120 kilometres south-west of Delhi, was in a celebratory mood on 15 December 2023. Ritesh Dhingra, Managing Director of MULTIVAC India and the management of the MULTIVAC Group invited guests to the official opening ceremony of the new production site. Guests included Rajesh Nath (Managing Director of VDMA India), Dr Sapna Poti (Director Strategic Alliances, Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Govt. of India), representatives of the architecture firm Colliers, representatives of the Swiss Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as selected customers and partners. The agenda included inspiring speeches by industry leaders from the bakery, dairy, sweets, and medical sectors.

"The South Asian region has become increasingly important for us in recent years," said Christian Traumann, CEO of the MULTIVAC Group, who opened the plant together with the Group Presidents Dr Christian Lau (COO) and Dr Tobias Richter (CSO). "Us opening a modern plant in one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world today is therefore a further milestone in the internationalization of MULTIVAC." The company now has 13 other production sites in Germany, Austria, Spain, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Japan and the USA, as well as more than 80 sales and service companies worldwide.

The demand for packaging machines for fresh food is constantly increasing in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, as supermarkets are gaining in importance alongside traditional local markets. "With our new plant in India, we will be able to provide food manufacturers as well as medical device companies with even better state-of-the-art packaging technology and responsive service thanks to our regional proximity and new production capacity – from production to installation and putting into service, through to maintenance," explained Christian Traumann.

Assembly of traysealers and thermoforming packaging machines on 5,000 square metres

The new plant will go into operation in the second quarter of 2024. In a production area of around 5,000 square metres, MULTIVAC will initially start assembling small fully automatic traysealers and compact thermoforming packaging machines. The production of mould sets and dies for packaging machines is also planned from 2025. The site also has a hall area for the storage of spare parts and consumable material, which MULTIVAC can make available to its local customers faster than ever before.

Showrooms and training centres ensure close cooperation with South Asian customers

The new plant is more than just a production facility. Part of the multifunctional building is an area of around 5,000 square metres, which includes a showroom and a training and application centre for packaging and bakery machines. "This infrastructure offers our customers, technicians and sales staff here on site the opportunity to delve even deeper into the world of processing and packaging technology and to jointly develop and test customized solutions," summarized Ritesh Dhingra, Managing Director of MULTIVAC India.

The MULTIVAC Group has been represented by a subsidiary in India for more than a decade. The joint venture concluded with the LARAON Group in 2009 was an important milestone for MULTIVAC as part of its internationalization strategy and for opening up new markets in South Asia. The board members of the joint venture, Ranjan Dhingra (Chairman of the LARAON Group) and Ruchit Dhingra (Director of the LARAON Group), were also pleased to take part in the opening ceremony.


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