February 11, 2021 – Waterloo, ON – Chris D’Aoust, Managing Director of Handtmann Canada Limited, announced the appointment of Mr. Paul William Hill to the role of National Sales Manager, Bakery.
In making the announcement, D’Aoust said, “This is a new position that reflects the rapid acceptance of Handtmann by the bakery industry since our enhanced focus over the past few years. The appointment of Paul also demonstrates our strategic commitment to become the most trusted supplier of dividing, depositing, forming and filling solutions to the Canadian Baking industry.”
Mr. Hill brings 25 years of food industry sales, engineering and business development experience with special focus on applications, system integration and automation to his role.
“Paul’s deep application expertise is an excellent fit with our Handtmann bakery equipment that handles product gently, scales it reliably with precision and offers extremely consistent and precise portion control.”
Mr. Hill’s background with purpose-built projects in bakery, confectionary, food and other areas will immediately add value to the Canadian solution customization group in Waterloo, ON. Paul will also enhance the collaboration with the Handtmann Bakery Forum development team in Biberach, Germany and the expanded engineering services team that supports the North American Handtmann Bakery initiative.
“We are pleased that Paul’s background is such an excellent fit for where we want to grow as a company. We operate with tailored solutions and unbeatable support to serve the growing demands, product diversification and flexibility that are needed more than ever in today’s Bakeries,” says D’Aoust.
Paul is a resident of Stoney Creek, Ontario and assumed his new role February 1, 2021. He is responsible for leading the national bakery sales of Handtmann and Inotec equipment in addition to delivering a range of smart factory bakery automation solutions that are engineered to meet the client’s requirements.


The British Medical Journal has called meat plants the “new front line” in the COVID-19 pandemic. But they are not the only facilities at risk. A report released by shareholder advisor Pirc in September said there had been at least 1,461 SARS-CoV-2 infections and six deaths linked to the UK’s food processing plants this year.

Factories, retailers and hospitality establishments are favorable environments for transmission. Workplaces are crowded, social distancing can be challenging, and the virus thrives in lower temperatures. Crucially, metallic surfaces can retain live viruses for longer than those of other materials.

Outbreaks result in staff shortages, factory closures, and lost revenues. They also introduce risk into the value chain. Studies have shown that in some conditions, the virus can remain viable on common surfaces, such as that used for food packaging, for up to 28 days.

Retailers and producers, then, are increasingly looking for laboratory tests that can help them control the efficiency of the sanitation processes and barriers procedures – and give them the information they need to keep their staff safe, their brand untarnished, and their doors open.

The Thermo Scientific SARS-CoV-2 PCR Workflow for food packaging and environmental surfaces is a complete end-to-end workflow, encompassing sampling, sample preparation, and detection. It can deliver results in as little as three hours, quickly providing customers with the information they need to manage any potential surface or packaging contamination risks.

The test, which has been performance tested and validated by AOAC International for qualitative detection of the virus on environmental surfaces, includes three TaqMan RTPCR assays, to target SARS-CoV-2 (ORF1ab, N-gene, S-gene) genes, and one positive control assay, targeting the Human RNase P RPPH1 gene offering both high specificity and sensitivity. Because of the multi-target design of this assay, overall test sensitivity should not be impacted by the new SARS-CoV-2 strain lineage—B.1.1.7 variant.

Laboratories can be confident on the results because:

  • The test targets three different viral genomic regions, ORF1ab, N-gene, S-gene, reducing the risk of false negatives
  • Extensive bioinformatic selection and analysis has been undertaken to specifically target sequences that are unique to SARS-CoV-2
  • The RNase P assay is run in duplex with the combined 2019-nCoV assays as an internal positive control.

The Thermo Scientific SARS-CoV-2 PCR workflow can be run on the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System or theApplied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System which many food and environmental testing labs are used to working with. Both instruments are also suitable for the company’s complete portfolio of PCR tests for food pathogens and environmental samples, biothreat organisms, animal species identification and GMO testing.

Bernd Hofmann, vice president marketing, Thermo Fisher Microbiology, said: “SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted when a healthy person touches contaminated food or environmental contact surfaces, including packaging materials, and then touches their eyes, mouth, or nose. In the current pandemic, food and beverage companies, retailers, public health authorities and other businesses are seeking solutions to monitor the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in their environments. This is crucial to protecting key workers, consumers, and the food industry as a whole.

“As a company that supplies the components for more than 50 percent of COVID-19 diagnostics, we are uniquely placed to help the sector rise to the challenge of SARS-CoV-2.”

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EDMONTON, Alberta, Feb. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nabati Foods Inc. (“Nabati” or the “Company”), a plant-based food tech company offering whole, natural, plant-based foods for health conscious consumers, is announcing that it has joined Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC).

PBFC acts as a collective voice for plant-based food companies in Canada. The organization is a division of Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP), and it  works to educate consumers, government and industry partners about the benefits of plant-based foods. Its goal is to modernize regulations to support innovation and growth and make plant-based eating more available to all.

“Nabati has been growing rapidly and demand for our plant-based products spans both Canada and the U.S. We are proud to be a part of the growing plant-based food movement both in Canada and beyond,” said Ahmad Yehya, CEO of Nabati. “PBFC is a respected organization in the industry and we are pleased to support its mission.”

PBFC launched in 2018 and plays a key role in shaping the development of regulatory discussion about the plant-based food industry in Canada. The organization makes presentations regularly for the government, presents thought leadership at industry events and provides rich analysis of emerging issues and trends.

One of PBFC's key regulatory priorities in 2020 was to advocate that the Canadian government adopt protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) technology as the preferred method for assessing protein quality, which is used in several other jurisdictions, including the United States.

On December 3, 2020, Health Canada updated its position to permit the use of both PER and PDCAAS methods for measuring protein quality in most foods, which will help address some of the challenges that the plant-based industry currently faces with communicating plant-based product benefits to consumers.


Steep Hill Equipment based in Abbotsford BC now offers food processing and packaging equipment. 

From our 25,000 sq ft warehouse we offer our customers the ability to rent processing and packaging equipment. 

Landon Royer of Steep Hill says “before making a large investment our customers can try the rental. Especially this is helpful with new projects and new production lines. Also companies have the option to purchase during the rental period.” 

Steep Hill also offers a 30 day warranty on purchases of used equipment. Any defects mechanical or electronic are covered. 

As a used equipment dealer we want our customers to have peace of mind. We know used equipment does come with some risks. The benefits are quick delivery and saving money while helping the environment. 

As we enter our 9th year in business we continue to look forward. “We have big plans moving forward” says president, Brent Larsen. 

At Steep Hill you will find over 200 conveyors, meat equipment, metal detectors, dairy tanks, cheese equipment and much more. Also a large, used and new, parts department. 

We salute, respect and value all food production workers. 




EDMONTON, AB, Feb. 8, 2021 /CNW/ - Canyon Creek Food Company Ltd., ("Canyon Creek" or "the Company") (TSXV: CYF), is a North American food processor, focused on the preparation, sale and distribution of high quality, natural, preservative-free, fresh soups, and other food products, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with a major retailer.

"This agreement is a testament to Canyon Creek's ability to process and prepare products which meet the highest quality standards", stated Terry Alty, President of Canyon Creek. "Working with a private label that is currently visible nationally will further the Company's reach in retail stores across North America. This opportunity will strengthen the Companies portfolio and increase its ability to accomplish it goals going forward." The expected increase in revenue related to the supply agreement is approximately $9,000,000, annually.


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